Miracle Method: Mixed Reviews For Bathroom Refinishing

The Miracle Method may be cheaper than remodeling, but this franchise gets mixed reviews from customers.

The Miracle Method may be cheaper than remodeling, but this franchise gets mixed reviews from customers.

When we moved into our house we inherited two cast-iron clawfoot tubs. The one on the lower level was in beautiful condition, but the one on the upper level had seen better days. While we chose to replace the tub with a more family friendly model, another option for cleaning up tub, tile and sink would be to have it resurfaced. In my research, the Miracle Method kept popping up as a popular way to tackle the tough job.

Benefits of resurfacing

If bathroom fixtures simply need cleaning up, or you want an updated color scheme in the bathroom, resurfacing makes it an easier job. Most professionals claim it takes a few days to resurface, instead of weeks to remodel a bathroom. Since you are not tearing out fixtures and walls, the process is cleaner. Finally, resurfacing can extend the life of your tub and sink by up to 15 years, giving it a fresh clean look.

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Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

A hot trending surface restoration company is Miracle Method Surface Refinishing. The company is a national chain with over 120 offices. Miracle Method promises to restore old bathtubs and sinks, quickly and affordably. The company guarantees satisfaction and promises all work will be done by trained and insured professionals at an affordable price.

While the company can make claims of guaranteed work and beautiful restoration that lasts, it comes down to the real work performed. At the time of this article, Miracle Method has an overall rating of 51/100 from reviews. It seems the company’s rating varies based on the location of the office, as these are all independently owned under the franchise label.

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

Miracle Method Surface Refinishing

The Good

Those who were satisfied with their surface restoration from Miracle Method rave about how beautiful the pieces turned out. The cost was affordable and the service was more convenient than remodeling. In general for those who are happy, the customer service was fantastic and any issues were cleared up right away.

“They were very professional, on time, did an outstanding job and didn’t leave any…not any mess behind.” peggycj, Reviewer since 2010

The Bad

An overwhelming opinion from Miracle Method customers (happy or not) is that the product and process have a horrible smell to it.

“The smell is like a nail salon smell. We’ve tried to air the bathrooms out for the past week with limited success. Don’t do this with kids around.In bathroom” thelug, Reviewer since 2008

In addition to the noxious smell, some reviewers complained that the worker had some overspray onto other surfaces. In some experiences, the cost of the resurfacing really wasn’t much cheaper than completely remodeling.

And The Ugly

Many Miracle Method customers have the same complaint that the restoration came out less than perfect. The colors didn’t match properly, damage was done to walls and the product didn’t last like it should.

“Even if I loved it I couldn’t recommend them due to the massive destruction to my wallpaper.” lemmur, Reviewer since 2013

In many cases it was difficult to get the company to stand by their work. Overwhelmingly there is a sentiment that the customer service at Miracle Method left a lot to be desired.

“If you use Miracle Method, be prepared for flaking, overspray, and a warranty that is worthless if the franchisee goes out of business.” cremevette, Reviewer sine 2010

As with any service provider, you will want to do research on the local franchise near you prior to making any commitments. Ask lots of questions. Find out how long this particular franchisee has been in business. Then ask around and read through lots of reviews. Keep in mind you will not find negative reviews on the Miracle Method website, so hunt around.

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