Alternatives For the Favorite Graco Giraffe Baby Swing

graco giraffe baby swing

While the Graco giraffe baby swing has been discontinued, Graco remains a leader for infant swings.

Did you know that Graco created the first wind-up infant swing in 1954? Yep. The Swyngomatic was a huge hit and Graco sold millions of them. 60 years later, the swing has become so much more than an old wind-up seat. Graco has earned its reputation as a go-to brand for baby gear. Every year they develop new products with new technology and memorable design. Many moms especially loved the Graco giraffe motif baby swing. The giraffe print has since been discontinued, but three new sophisticated styles adorn their Soothing Center product line. Plush head rests, trendy seat covers and a matching swaddle blanket (included) create a nest of warmth and safety.

It doesn’t get more comfortable than this.

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Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

Score: 87/100
Price: $110 – $180


  • The most customizable soothing options to comfort your baby
  • Four seating positions and three recline positions to find what baby likes best
  • Removable seat with vibration doubles as a floor rocker and can easily be moved from room to room
  • Seat can be easily replaced with any Graco Classic Connect™ infant car seats, for on-the-go transitions that won’t disturb baby
  • Plug-in option allows you to save money on batteries
  • Exclusive patented MomMotion™, scientifically developed to recreate the natural soothing movements of a loving parent
  • Features 15 different natural sounds, white noise, lullabies and upbeat songs to soothe and amuse baby
  • Introduce baby to your favorite playlists with a standard MP3 player plug-in.
  • Six unique swing speeds allow you to choose the right pace to suit your baby’s mood
  • Machine washable cloth seat pad is comfy for baby and convenient for you

Buyer beware?

They call it the most multi-sensory soothing option for your baby on the market today. Seventy Viewpoints reviewers have voted this Graco baby swing to be one of the best. However, one complaint continues to keep this swing’s score just above average in the swing category: a sometimes faulty motor. The few who have experienced motor “burn out” have contacted Graco and received replacement motors.

Invest in a trusty brand

Graco has been creating innovative baby gear for 60 years. They value feedback and work to share safety information with the consumer. Their website hosts a video on Carseat Safety and proper installation, as well as a list of current recalls. They also make it easy to order replacement parts to keep your Graco baby swing and other products up to speed, so you can use them with all of your children.

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