Does Quietus Really Work For Tinnitus?

Quietus Tinnitus

When you suffer from tinnitus you are always searching for a way to make the annoying noises in your ears go away. Does Quietus Tinnitus hold the key?

Tinnitus – or “head noise” – is a very annoying problem for many otherwise healthy people. Nearly 36 million people in America suffer from this condition due to being exposed to loud noises, inner ear issues, age, certain medications and many other reasons. It’s generally not dangerous, but head noise can affect people in all sorts of ways, none of them good. The one thing all sufferers have in common is looking for ways to make the whirring, ringing, roaring, or bells GO AWAY! One medication that might be able to do that is Quietus Tinnitus.

I have suffered from tinnitus since I was a child. Mine was brought about by constant ear infections and antibiotics. I resorted to sleeping with a radio on to quiet the sounds and take my mind off the roaring, but that was not a perfect solution.

Viewpoints members who suffer from tinnitus have searched our site for a medication called Quietus Tinnitus. Unfortunately they never find any results because we don’t have any reviews of the product yet. But, we have researched and talked to experts about this product so you can still find some information while we wait to get some reviewer feedback. If you have taken Quietus Tinnitus please leave a review here.

What is Quietus Tinnitus?

Quietus Tinnitus comes in a tablet form and is only sold on its own website. The ingredients are kept secret, as is the dosing and even how many tablets come in a bottle of this “miracle medicine.”

Making this medication even more mysterious is the price. You must call their toll free number to order a 30-day trial. You cannot order it online.

“Developed by a rock drummer” for relief of his own tinnitus, the company claims that Quietus Tinnitus tablets help to safely eliminate ear noises, buzzing, ringing and more. But experts say that these lofty claims don’t hold up.

Some at-home tips to help your tinnitus

Before you try home remedies, experts advise sufferers to get a full evaluation of their ears. There actually may be a simple answer, like wax build up, that can completely relieve the situation. Once you have been given the all clear as far as your ear health is concerned, it’s time to look for ways to cope with tinnitus.

According to experts, there are no magic pills that will cure tinnitus, but there are things you can do to help yourself if you suffer from this maddening condition. Aspirin is known to cause ear ringing. If you take a lot of it, consider switching to something aspirin free. A common herb, Ginkgo Biloba, sometimes helps lull the ringing. Be sure to ask your doctor before taking it, because it can interfere with prescription medications. Protection from loud noises is also always a must. Another way to get some relief is by using a white noise machine. These machines produce static or a fan sound which moves the brain from concentrating on your head noises to listening to the white noise. A machine that creates nature and wave sounds can work well too.

Look to the future for an answer

Here’s hoping that more research into this common but oh so aggravating situation will bring about a real cure, rather than companies claiming to be able to make your tinnitus vanish only to have their medication fail to really help.

Editor’s note: This article is not meant to provide medical advice. You should always see a doctor before starting or stopping any medication, or if you have a condition you are looking for a solution for.

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