Best False Lashes For Natural and Dramatic Looks

best false lashes

False lashes can be tough to use, but the best false lashes are affordable, natural looking and reusable. The best false lashes are Ardell, as voted by Viewpoints reviewers.

Using false lashes can be tricky. The best false lashes can make your lashes appear stunning, sultry and seductive, or they can make them appear as if you’ve just glued a spider to your eyelids. As a professional belly dancer, I have been using false lashes for many years. I love wearing them for performances, as they add a lot of drama to your stage look. Applying them, however, can be a nightmare. Offset, crooked lashes, sticky lash glue in the eyes, that scary inner corner space where the eyelash pops off of your lid and refuse to stay down, are all frustrating issues.

I have used enough brands over the years to figure out which ones can be applied in a snap, stay put, and look great. You can also consider using false lashes (sparingly, please) in your everyday makeup routine. There are some great lash products out there that are not only easy to apply, but look fresh and natural for daytime use. Here are a few of my favorite false lashes that are always in my makeup kit. Whether it’s a subtle or a statement lash you’re after, one of these false lashes are sure to deliver the results you’re after.

For all-out false lash drama

Ardell Fashion Lashes Black

Ardell Fashion Lashes Black

Ardell Fashion Lashes Black

Viewpoints score: 90/100
Est. price: $6/pair

These are the more expensive false lashes on this list, at about $6 a pair, but they are worth the extra pennies. The reason for the extra cost is because the majority of the lashes are made from 100 percent real human hair. The flair and length of Ardell lashes is just right. They manage to make your eyelashes pop and look extremely full, yet not ridiculous. I have never had an issue with the corners of the lashes popping up on me while using these.

A quick tip for how to apply false lashes: I always cut mine in half and then apply them in two parts. It makes it so much easier, and you do not have to worry about holding the lash down to wait for it to dry either.

Viewpoints reviewers are just as pleased with their Ardell lashes.

“This is my absolute favorite product when it comes to fake eyelashes! I use it daily! It is 100% human hair. I have tried MANY types of lashes … name brand and no name brand. You don’t have to spend the money on expensive eyelashes to deliver the results that the Ardell Flash Fashion Lashes delivers.” lxiong416, Reviewer since 2009

“These lashes are the best lashes out! They are easy to put on and do not have to worry about them hanging or falling off. Blend in well with your real lashes and most people nevernotice the difference. If you are a person who enjoy wearing lashes then these are the ones for you!” kiana7kisses, Reviewer sine 2010

For a natural full lash look I use:

e.l.f. False Lashes - Natural Lash Kit

e.l.f. False Lashes – Natural Lash Kit

e.l.f. False Lashes – Natural Lash Kit

Viewpoints score: 90/100
Est. price: $1.49

False lashes can be quite expensive, especially if you are not washing and reusing your lashes. e.l.f. offers amazingly low prices on all of its cosmetics, and these false lashes are no exception. I pay under $2 per pair for them and the glue together. What makes these great is that they are so light and bendable, it is easy to form them far enough into your lash line for a very natural look. I use this brand for both stage and every day wear when I feel like it. They have such a great variety from heavier black fringed lashes, to sparse accent lashes, so you can really experiment with your look.

Viewpoint reviewers are already all over this one. They give it a score of 90/100 and they are right on.

“After seeing plenty of makeup videos where people would apply false eyelashes, I figured that I would give them a try. The first brand of false eyelashes I tried were the Revlon fantasy lengths lashes. After many failed attempts to glue these on, I gave up and threw them away. I later decided to give false lashes another try and bought the Elf natural lash kit. I figured that for $1, it wouldn’t hurt to try again…. . I thought they looked really natural, and they felt really light. In my opinion the Elf lashes look almost the same as the Revlon lashes that I bought, and they were cheaper than Revlon. Now, when I want to wear false lashes, I buy the Elf ones” ward1257, Reviewer since 2010

“The natural lashes from elf are absolutely beautiful. They look so natural, yet give your eyes a pop that isn’t so usual. They are definitely noticeable but not so much that they look bad on while doing something casual….. Anything from elf is a good quality product with a low price and I love that about them. These lashes blend in well with your actual lashes and I really cannot wait to go out and buy more and more and more. I will definitely be using these a lot” CrissAngelFreak445, Reviewer since 2010

”I bought these e.l.f. false lashes in the “Natural Lash Kit” style for my daughter who dances competitively. We go through a lot of lashes in a season! These are by far the best value and they look great! (I think I will try some for myself too!)” —mgina92, Reviewer since 2009

For a more conservative, demure false lash look:

Ardell Individual Lashes

Ardell Individual Lashes

Ardell Individual Lashes

Viewpoints score: TBD
Est. price: $5

These are by far the easiest lashes to apply, as well as the most customizable. Because you can apply them one by one, it is easy to go for a full-fringed lash, or keep it to the outer corners for a seductive cat-eye look. The individual knotted lashes are waterproof and extremely lightweight. They come in three different size lengths, short, medium and long. Go with the short length for just the right amount of lash that still blends in naturally with your own.

See if any of these false lashes work for you, and be sure to leave us your feedback by writing a Viewpoints review about the product you tried.

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