Clorox vs Lysol: Which Brand Best Suits Your Cleaning Needs?

Clorox vs Lysol: Everyone recognizes Clorox and Lysol, but each brand offers different products to best suit your cleaning needs.

Clorox vs Lysol: Everyone recognizes Clorox and Lysol, but each brand offers different products to best suit your cleaning needs.

When looking for cleaning products, two companies prevail as leaders in household cleaners. For most of your household cleaning needs both Clorox and Lysol make highly rated cleaners. When you’re standing in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store, which can be daunting in itself, how do you choose between the two? Cleaning and disinfecting products don’t offer a whole lot of variety, but each top brand has something they do better than the rest. Take a look at Clorox vs Lysol for your specific cleaning needs.

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Lysol Disinfecting

When I think of Lysol I always think of Lysol disinfecting spray, which is one of its signature products. Usually if we’ve had an illness come through the home, I will spray all of the doorknobs with Lysol to cut down on the transmission. In addition to the disinfecting spray, Lysol also makes household cleaners, soaps and wipes that help disinfect 99.9 percent of bacteria in your home. Lysol products are usually mid-range in price and regularly can be found on sale or discounted with a coupon.

Clorox Clean

Clorox is the parent company for a variety of household cleaning products, as well the Clorox-namesake cleaners themselves. When most people think of the Clorox brand, Clorox bleach comes to mind. In addition to general household cleaners and disinfectants, Clorox also concentrates on laundry products to get your whites whiter. Clorox cleaning products are generally mid-range on price and can be found in stores throughout the U.S. Coupons and sales are a regular occurrence for Clorox products. The extended Clorox family also includes a green-cleaning option with the Green Works line of cleaners.

In most cases, these two companies make very similar products that work well for an average value price tag. One example of a similar product is their multi-purpose cleaners.

Clorox Lemon Fresh Disinfecting Wipes

Clorox Lemon Fresh Disinfecting Wipes

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

Lysol and Clorox each manufacture a disinfecting multi-purpose cleaner. Both products are widely available at stores and online and retail for about $3-4, depending on the size. I feel these are both fairly strong cleaners that are trying to eliminate most of household bacteria.

Clorox Clean-Up (90/100) and Lysol All Purpose Cleaners (92/100) both receive very high marks. Clorox, of course, employs Clorox bleach to help disinfect surfaces (note it has a very strong bleach smell and effect to it). Since each of these cleaners are very strong, surfaces should be tested prior to applying the product. The Lysol Lemon Breeze All Purpose Cleaner tends to win out over Clorox though since it comes out smelling better.

“I use Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach to quickly and effectively keep my home smelling fresh and looking clean.” jasyjen, Reviewer since 2008

“I use Lysol Lemon 4 in 1 All Purpose Cleaner for my kitchen,bathroom, floors, Walls, and just about anything else you can think of. Its quick, fast, powerful, smells great and is affordable.” Crorie, Reviewer since 2009

Lysol Disinfectant Toilet Power Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Disinfectant Toilet Power Bowl Cleaner

Lysol vs Clorox: Wipes and Bathroom Cleaners

Similarly, the Lysol and Clorox kitchen and bathroom cleaners stack up very much the same. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes (92/100) are usually more preferred, especially the lemon scent, among the wipes category.

In the bathroom category the toilet bowl cleaners are similar but the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner (91/100) takes the higher rank. The products differ in price by a few cents usually unless there is a coupon or sale active at the time.

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