The Eat-Clean Diet: “Best Overall” Diet In Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards

Eat-Clean Diet

The Eat-Clean Diet is a rare weight loss program that actually works, say Viewpoints reviewers, and wins “Best Overall” diet in the Reviewers’ Choice awards.

Dieting? Who isn’t? There are few businesses bigger than the diet industry. At any given time, it’s estimated that one in five people is on a diet to lose weight and feel better.

But here’s something we found surprising. The market research company, the NPD Group, reports that the number of dieters is actually down from its peak in 1991 – when fully a third of the U.S. was following a weight loss plan. One theory is that the emphasis now is on eating healthier — not restricting portions or entire food groups — which explains the popularity of The Eat-Clean Diet. It’s the highest-rated diet on Viewpoints and wins  ”Best Overall” diet honors in the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards of 2014. Its secret is its simplicity. 

About the Eat-Clean Diet

Tosca Reno is a mother of four who managed to lose 75 pounds after years of “yo-yo” dieting.  At the age of 40, she started reading food labels and eliminated anything that wasn’t in its natural, unprocessed state. She published her success story, The Eat-Clean Diet, in 2007, and 15 books later, her website lists big-name celebrity followers such as Angelina Jolie, Bobbi Brown and Paula Abdul. While none of our Viewpoints reviewers is a movie star (that we know of :) ), they share a love for this series of books. The “Eat-Clean” journey, they say, leads you on a path that is “life-changing.”

Eat-Clean Diet

Tosca Reno has written more than a dozen books dedicated to buying and preparing fresh, whole ingredients.

“… this book does a good job of explaining how the quality of food has declined over the years and the negative effects of all the processed foods in today’s day & age …  It amazed me all of the awesome foods I learned how to make once I stepped away from the over processed aisles of the grocery store & started shopping the perimeter. If you are looking to make-over your diet & be healthier, this is the book for you!”--jen1987, Newport Beach, CA, Reviewer since 2010

How it works

Viewpoints asks reviewers to rate diets based on three attributes: Effectiveness, Side Effects and Ease of Use. On the attribute that matters most (“Does it work?”), The Eat-Clean Diet ranks a whopping 9.3/10 on Effectiveness. No other diet on Viewpoints comes close.

“I have lost all of my baby weight plus using this book”--kassi0586, Reviewer since 2013 

“I saw rapid weight loss and all over detoxification while within the first two weeks of this diet.”--sparrowsaar, Reviewer since 2013

“Her tips are easy to follow. Stick with it for amazing results!”lhudd, Reviewer since 2013

“… you can tell the difference within a couple of days. I lost weight and it didn’t even feel like I was trying. Everything tasted so good I forgot that i had even started on a diet.”VivianLatonya, Reviewer since 2013

Reviewers also like the recipes provided, calling them “good and easy to fix.” Reno also includes snacks.

Eat-Clean Diet

Under the ‘Eat-Clean’ diet plan, you lose weight by filling your grocery cart with foods as close as possible to their natural state.

What to know

Here are a few tips that our reviewers share:

  • If you want to follow the diet in this book, give yourself enough time at the grocery store so you can read all of the food labels without being rushed.
  • This book will take a lot of work to incorporate the diet into your lifestyle, but it is probably one of the best things you can do for your body.
  • Another negative is that there are no meetings or other people to hold you accountable. You have to be accountable to yourself.

If a group-based diet program is more your style, then you also can’t go wrong with Weight Watchers, which comes in a close second with our reviewers. It also wins a Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice award.  It’s a different philosophy to be sure (Weight Watchers packaged foods are sold at the meetings), but the support you get from Weight Watchers, which you won’t get from a book, is a definite plus.

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