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If you’re looking to buy the best kitchen appliances as Christmas gifts this year, Amazon sales are slashing prices of a few.

I love kitchen appliances. If I had the space, my entire Christmas list would be filled with them: a stand mixer, stainless steel cookware, a toaster oven, an espresso maker, etc. But these things take up space, and they cost money, especially if you want to buy the best of the best. Viewpoints’ Best Overall winners in the small kitchen appliance category are no exception. The most expensive one costs well over $500 full price, so getting these products while on sale can be a great money saver. Amazon sales slash the prices of four of these winners, including blenders, juicers, food processors and coffee makers.

Best Overall winners from most to least expensive

Vitamix Variable Speed Blender

$465.99 (originally $549.99)

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Also known as the Vitamix Classic, this blender has a Viewpoints score of 95/100 based on 712 reviews. So what does this top of the line blender have to offer? Well, it is best known for making healthy meals and smoothies and comes with a DVD and getting started guide, along with its 64-ounce container and cookbook. It has the ability to chop, cream, blend, heat, grind and churn whatever is inside, and the ability to self clean simply by putting a few drops of dish soap and warm water inside before turning it on.

“This is no ordinary blender…the blades are so powerful they can pulverize just about anything you put in it. They spin so fast they create friction heat and can COOK soup from raw cold veggies in about 5 minutes! My toddler has started consuming vegetables and doesn’t even know it, his favorite is blueberry and spinach smoothies. I use this machine at least once a day, I know it’s expensive for the average household…but I can tell you it’s SO worth every penny!” StaciaN, Reviewer since 2009

Video: To learn how to make tomato soup with your Vitamix, watch this video.

Breville Juice Fountain Multi Speed Juicer

$199.95 (originally $249.99)

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Moving on down the list of expenses is the Breville Juice Fountain, scoring 94/100 based on 51 reviews. If you’re going to pay nearly $200 for a kitchen appliance, it needs to do something a little more than just squeeze juice out of produce. This juicer is a “smart juicer”, meaning it adjusts its speed to get the most juice and the least amount of waste out of everything you put in. And every component of the juicer is dishwasher safe, so the juicer is easy to clean.

“The juicer is sturdy and well-designed. The chute where you put the fruit or vegetables is wide enough to take a whole uncut apple. Very convenient to not have to spend a lot of time preparing the fruits and vegetables before juicing. [It] is easy to clean up after use. The most difficult part of cleaning up is the spinning mesh basket that strains the juice from the pulp. A scrub brush is included for this purpose, which actually works really well.” sugarsmak, Reviewer since 2009

Video: To see a demonstration of how the Breville Juice Fountain works, as well as some tips, watch this video.

Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

$179 (originally $325)

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Food processors are great for making piecrusts, many other kinds of dough, and hummus, but buying one can break the bank. Amazon sales cut the price of this 14-cup food processor by $145, so it saves you both time and money. Though not much different than your standard food processor, with feed tubes, multiple blade sizes and slicing disks, what sets this food processor apart is its high functionality. This is part of what gives it its 94/100 Viewpoints score.

“I’ve used it several times. I’m impressed with how fast and well the motor works. It can really do a number on quite a few foods. I haven’t had any issues with it so far. It is also easy to clean, thought it does have a lot of pieces. I really like how it looks on the counter. It matches my other appliances in the kitchen. Glad I purchased it.” Nathan18, Reviewer since 2011

Video: Learn how to make quick, easy, creamy guacamole in a food processor by watching this video.

Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

$26.17 (originally $29.99)

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Winning the Best Overall award for French press coffee makers with a score of 94/100, this no frills coffee maker is one of the cheapest items to receive an award. Making the coffee only takes about a minute with this coffee maker and takes only about 30 seconds to clean.

“This Aerobie Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker takes up very little counter space, (hardly any really) and makes a totally great cup of coffee to drink…Makes espresso and coffee, and unlike many other French press machines, this does not allow any coffee grounds into your cup. Cleanup is also a snap just unscrew the grounds reservoir area and press them directly into the trashcan. Then rinse the parts of the unit and allow them to dry.” likeymikey, Reviewer since 2010

Video: To learn how to use the Aerobie AeroPress, watch this video with Dave Ward.

Order now before it’s too late

These are some great deals on top of the line kitchen appliances through Amazon sales, but if you’re interested you need to buy now. You only have a few days left to order to get these items by Christmas, and the only way to get free two-day shipping is if you’re an Amazon Prime member. So, if you don’t want to pay to get these products before Christmas, you might want to look into getting a free 30-day trial. But if you do that don’t forget to cancel it before your 30 days are up or you’ll be paying the price.

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