Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Ice Build Up, Hot Outside, Loud Bangs

refrigerator troubleshooting

Refrigerator troubleshooting: Fix common problems like ice buildup on your own before calling the repairman.

We all have trouble from time to time with our refrigerators. Of course the last thing we want to do is to call a repairman because a repairman equals $$$. I know there have been times I have called a repairman about fixing something, and then came to find that I could have fixed it myself. Here are some more troubleshooting tips for refrigerators that can help save you time and money. See the rest of the refrigerator troubleshooting series for easy fixes to other problems.

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: Ice build up on the inside of the freezer

Have you ever opened your freezer and found a layer of ice build up? Before you shut the freezer and try to ignore the problem you need to check for a leaking gasket. If a gasket is leaking, then it is letting cold air seep out. Then the refrigerator works harder, and it produces an extra bit of cold in the freezer. To see if the gasket is the issue, stick a flashlight in the freezer, facing the door. Shut the door and turn the kitchen light off. If you can see light coming from inside, you have a leaking gasket that needs to be replaced. Usually a gasket can be bought through the manufacturer or through a store that sells large appliances.

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: It gets hot around the edges

If you notice that your refrigerator is unusually warm around the outside there are two things you can check. Open the refrigerator and the freezer and make sure that those temperatures are set to where they should be. If those are normal then check your condenser coils. Condenser coils are found in the back of your refrigerator and tend to get dusty or dirty if they aren’t cleaned regularly. If there is build up on those coils that can make the tubing hotter than normal. The easiest way to clean that area is with a vacuum or a slightly damp cloth. If the condenser cooling fan has slowed or has stopped working that will need to be replaced. One of these areas, or a combination of them, is most likely the problem so check those areas first.

Refrigerator Troubleshooting: It makes a loud bang every time it shuts off

It could be that something is banging against the back of the refrigerator, tubing is touching, or condenser fan blades could be hitting something. If it is something that simple that you could just move the noisemakers, then you are all set. Unfortunately sometimes this means that your condenser is blown. If that happens then you will need to replace it. Fortunately this is something that you can order online and then replace it yourself.

Hopefully these tips have helped. If troubleshooting doesn’t work for you and you find yourself needing a new refrigerator we would love to hear about your appliance here on Viewpoints.

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