Winter Skin Care For Babies

winter baby skin care

Winter baby skin care calls for ointments and lotions that will protect baby’s skin from harsh wind and cold.

Each season brings a special set of instructions for keeping baby’s skin smooth and healthy, and winter time is no different. Baby’s thinner, more sensitive skin is susceptible to damage from the harsh elements that occur during the coldest weather. Here are a few hints on what to watch for and how to heal and protect with the best winter skin care for babies products.

Keeping skin moisturized

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Winter brings on dry skin, especially when the heater kicks on. Baby will be more prone to dry skin and eczema during the coldest times. On a routine basis, use a moisture-rich baby bath, preferably one with oatmeal or calendula. Two favorites include California Baby Super Calming Shampoo and Baby Wash (96/100) and the Johnson’s Vanilla Oatmeal Baby Wash (94/100).

Another part of the routine needs to be baby lotion to help seal in natural moisture. California Baby Calendula Cream (99/100) is one of the top-rated baby lotions for protecting and healing sensitive skin. While the price is a little higher, it is worth it for the effectiveness. For a baby lotion that is a little easier on the wallet, yet tough on dry skin, check out Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream (98/100).

Healing chapped lips and skin

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Winter wind and cold takes a toll on exposed skin, especially lips and cheeks. You can prevent chapping by covering baby as much as you can and regularly moisturizing like stated above. If baby ends up with chapped lips or cheeks, apply a healing balm. Because the receive perfect ratings, parents recommend the Johnson’s Soothing Naturals Healing Balm and the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee All Better Balm for soothing little one’s chapped cheeks. I would regularly use a fragrance-free diaper ointment (not cream) such as Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment (93/100) when my kids would have chapped skin.

Winter Sunburn or Snow Burn

Since there is no heat to remind us of the sun’s powerful rays, we often forget about protecting against snow burn during the winter. Snow burn occurs when the sun is reflected off the snow, which happens at a higher rate than during the hottest summer sun. If baby is going to be outside for long periods remember to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin (usually cheeks and forehead.) Check out a comparison of natural sunscreens and and the most loved sunscreens.

Even though baby is all wrapped up in blankets and snowsuits, winter conditions require taking extra-special care of extra-special baby skin. What tips do you have for keeping skin “smooth as a baby’s bottom” during the winter? Have you used any products that work best against the winter dryness?

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