VIDEO: Buying As Seen On TV For Your Teen This Christmas

Teenagers Around Christmas

Teenagers can be hard to shop for this time of year, unless you’re getting direct input from them. But if you want to surprise them, late night infomercials might hold the key to the perfect gift.

Buying gifts for your teenager or maybe a family friend’s can be a bit tricky. They’ve hit that age where they just aren’t easy to shop for anymore. As Seen On TV might be able to save the day. You’ve seen their infomercials and wondered about their products but are not really sure if you should make the leap. Well we at Viewpoints have found a few As Seen On TV products that might be un-reviewed, but the teenager (and possibly adult) on your Christmas list will like regardless.

Make your hair and nails simply perfect

Migi Nail Art

Migi Nail Art Kit

Migi Nail Art comes with two colors per tube, so even if you only buy one you can still paint and decorate your nails.

You know those flowers you get charged an extra five dollars for when you get a manicure or a pedicure at your local salon? I’m a sucker for those, mostly because I’m not artistic enough to do it myself at home. And what’s an extra five dollars going to hurt, right? Well the As Seen On TV product Migi Nail Art might mean you never have to pay those extra five dollars again.

Migi Nail Art kits are nail polish pens that let you create your own designs on your nails. Each pen has two colors inside, and come with a brush and pen tip for both, so you can paint or decorate your nails in every color. The pens are sold both individually or in kits of varying sizes, but all are eligible for free refills and replacements. You do have to pay shipping, but that is still cheaper than buying a whole new pen or set, or going to the salon.

This kit doesn’t have any reviews on Viewpoints yet, but if you have used these pens before, we’d love it if you’d write one. For now, you can search through the YouTube videos and find plenty of demonstrations of designs and comparisons to similar products, like Sally Hansen. You can buy Migi Nail Art for $19.99 from Target or for $16.98 from Sears, but keep in mind that the price will vary depending on the size of the kit you buy.

Video: To see how Migi Nail Art pens work and one example of a design, watch this satisfied customer’s video.

Click N Curl Hair Dryer

Click N Curl

You can buy additional brush heads/rollers for your Click N Curl in case the number that comes with is not enough.

So I don’t really have much hair anymore. Yes I still have to blow dry it, but it’s not exactly long enough to put curlers in. I do remember from when I did have long hair that blowing it out so it had body and there was no need for the use of a curling iron or rollers was nearly impossible. I just wasn’t all that good at it. But the Click N Curl Hair Dryer might have saved me from my frustrations, and would definitely have saved me literally hours of time.

Teenagers, particularly ones in high school and college, are supposedly always running late. That’s nothing new. But the Click N Curl hairdryer will definitely save them some time. This dryer dries, styles and sets your hair all in one step. According to this As Seen On TV infomercial, it uses round brushes as curlers so you don’t have to use a curling iron.

So how does it work? Well, first you blow out your hair until it’s 90 percent dry. Then wrap your hair around the round brush and curl it down to your scalp like you would a hot roller. Blow a couple seconds of hot air on the roller, then detach the handle from the brush. Then, attach a new round brush top and do it again to another section of hair.

I know, it sounds a little confusing, and we have no reviews to tell if this $40 product (available on Amazon) works or not. That’s why we’ve included an instructional video for a little extra help.

Video: Tara from the Beauty Test Lab is a novice when it comes to blow-drying her hair, and she takes the Click N Curl Hair Dryer for a spin.

A portable party in the palm of your hand


Does your teen have a way to play their iPod, iPhone, mp3 player or whatever in their car instead of the radio? Or a speaker for it in their room? The MicroBoom can do both! Or at least, the As Seen On TV infomercial says it can. The MicroBOOM is a Bluetooth speaker and hands free device. It can play music and answer calls once you connect it either via Bluetooth or an audio cable.

The MicroBoom is review-less on Viewpoints as well, and really most of the Internet, so if you’ve ever used one, or have one, it would be great if you could leave a review to help guide other shoppers. But for a little bit of guidance check out the video, and you can buy it on sale right now on Amazon for $29.99.

Video: Check out You and Me This Morning’s Test of the MicroBOOM before buying for your teenager, or for you.

Fun gifts they’ll love

Even though these gifts are not yet reviewed on Viewpoints, they all seemed to be well received by the people in these videos. Fun to use, convenient and practical, these gifts will not only be used, they’ll be greatly appreciated, and not just by teens but by adults too. I know I would.

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