Hosting Made Easy With the Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System

Crock-Pot Hook Up

With the Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System you can cook and keep warm enough dishes to keep your party going all night.

One of the main issues with having food for a party or gathering is that I always have a hard time figuring out how I am going to keep everything warm. I usually want to keep dips and other foods warm, but not many of us have more than one Crock-Pot at home. This is why I have fallen in love with the Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System.

I tested the double one-quart cooker. It comes with two dishwasher-safe stone wear inserts and glass lids. Since they are so small, they fit well on the countertop and dishwasher. They don’t take up much room on the top rack, leaving the bottom for my larger dishes.

More Crock-Pots in one

I love the whole idea of a connectable slow cooker. There is a retractable power cord on one side, and a connection on the other, so you can hook up to SIX Crock-Pots together, only using one outlet! It makes your very own mini buffet, keeps everything warm, and they actually can cook foods, too.

Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System

Crock-Pot Hook Up Connectable Entertaining System

There are three settings: warm, low and high. I found the “high” setting on this Crock-Pot was not as high as the high setting on my normal, full-size Crock-Pot. It does get hot, and it does cook, but not at the same temperature that the larger ones do.

I instantly loved the design and colors—it comes in blue, green and black. Both of the inserts are made of the great quality stone wear that the large crocks are made of and have glass lids. I noticed right away there are indentations in the crock where a spoon could rest while the lid stays on for easy serving at any function. I like the feature, however, I feared that maybe it wouldn’t be a good thing if you were going to actually cook in these crocks, as it will let a lot of moisture out.

The Crock-Pot Hook Up System retails from $49.99 for the 1-quart double cooker to $59.99 for the 3.5-quart cooker piece.

Cooking with the Crock-Pot Hook Up System

I decided to use them both to cook different things at the same time, and it worked out great. I was able to make a small crock of chili for my daughter while I made our large crock with more spice for us. I threw a chicken breast in the back crock with some water and let it cook. The main reason I used both is because I found that you can’t just use one side or the other. Both crocks turn on together, and the ceramic crock could be damaged if you have it on with nothing in it.


What I didn’t love so much was that there is no timer setting at all. If you are just keeping foods warm, I understand the need to not have a time. Since this set features cooking temperatures, I was a bit shocked that I couldn’t set a timer. I was able to monitor and time my chili and chicken via my stove timer, however, it would have been much more convenient if this system offered one.

All in all I would say Jarden was on the right track when designing this product. I can’t think of a better way to make a safe, delicious buffet any easier!

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