Cyber Monday 2013 Shopping Guide

Cyber Monday 2013

Even if you didn’t want to brave the stores on Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2013 still has plenty of deals in store for you.

If you didn’t fight the crowds and stand in line for sales on Black Friday, there are still plenty of deals to be had on Cyber Monday. This shopping tradition is known for office workers who are still groggy from their Thanksgiving feasts spending their first day back at the office browsing online shopping sites. Retailers started to notice, and began offering even better deals online than could be found in stores. We at Viewpoints love to shop online, so we put together some tips for how to find great deals on Cyber Monday 2013.

online scam

Pick one credit card to use for online shopping and monitor it closely.

Stay safe when online shopping

We love online shopping because you can easily find a wide variety of models, colors, shapes and sizes for anything your heart desires, and even better, we love free shipping.

But even though you’re not fighting mall traffic, online shopping isn’t without its risks. Scammers know that more people are online, too. When you’re sharing your credit card numbers and other personal information, you could be at risk for a scam or even identity theft.

TIP: Pick one dedicated card to use for online shopping, and monitor that account closely for any suspicious or unauthorized charges. Read the rest of our guide for How To Avoid Online Scams While Shopping Online.

Comparison shop

When you’re online shopping, there’s no need to jump on the first deal you see. What’s for sale on might be priced even lower on If you know exactly what you want, take the time to look around and make sure you’re finding the best deal. And take a look at price-matching policies. Often retailers want to stay competitive, so they will offer to match a lower price, or even give you an extra percentage off the competitor’s price.

Stock up on necessities

Cyber Monday shopping doesn’t have to be just for presents or big ticket electronics. Some retailers will be offering great deals on basic supplies. Don’t laugh too hard, but maybe now is a great time to take advantage of Cyber Monday free shipping and stock up on your toilet paper supply for the year. Amazon in particular is offering great deals on baby necessities.

Kindle Fire HDX: Finding Which Tablet Is Right For You

The Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than the iPad and is great for media consumption.

Take advantage of deals on older models

Do you NEED the latest iPad? Sure, it would be nice, but a lot of retailers are offering fantastic deals on older models of iPads and video game systems. If you’re willing to be slightly behind the tech curve, you can find some pretty great deals. They want to clear these items from their shelves and they’re offering great prices and even bundling accessories. is offering the Kindle Fire HD for less than $100. It’s not the newest Kindle Fire HDX, but it still received rave reviews from Viewpoints reviewers, with a score of 94/100. When you’re looking at these older models, make sure to check out the reviews on to see if you’ll be happy with a slightly older model.

Gift card deals on Cyber Monday

Some retailers aren’t slashing prices on the hottest items, but they are offering a bonus to shoppers in the form of gift cards. Many online retailers will offer a gift card bonus when you buy specific items. For example, Target is offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of an iPad Air. If you’re planning on doing more holiday shopping at Target, this is a no brainer. Again, shop around for the best gift card bonus. and Radio Shack offer similar gift card bonuses.

If you’re looking for ways to make your dollar stretch a little bit farther, check out restaurant gift cards. Lots of restaurants like Red Lobster, Chili’s and The Cheesecake Factory offer bonuses during the holiday season. For example, buy a $50 gift card to Buca di Beppo, and receive a $10 reward card. This is a great stocking stuffer, and allows your holiday budget to cover even more.

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Happy Cyber Monday!

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