Refrigerators, Freezers and Ice Makers Perfect For Holiday Entertaining

Holiday parties ice makers

It’s time for holiday entertaining and these refrigerators, freezers and ice makers will help your party go off without a hitch.

We are now into the holiday season and many of us will be hosting parties and family gatherings of all sorts. Here are some ideas that can help you to find the perfect refrigerator or freezer to make entertaining easier.

Under-the-counter ice makers

Many refrigerators have ice makers and water dispensers in the door, but will you need extra for your party? I know I have wondered if I should get another ice maker of some sort. Unfortunately, most ice makers range in price from $350-$3000. Some of them are set up like compact refrigerators, which may make them worth it. They can make a lot of ice in a short amount of time as well as have some room to hold beverages. If you are getting one for the purpose of making ice I would definitely stay on the lower end of the price range. Otherwise, just buy several bags of ice for your party.

Wine and beverage coolers

These can be a great party accessory. These can be a smaller, more compact type of refrigeration that can hold drinks at the perfect temperature. They also come in larger models that have a shelving system that can hold hundreds of wine bottles. The larger ones often have elaborate systems of regulating the temperature so it is the perfect temperature for several different kinds of wine.

The cost of these can be as little as $100 for a smaller model to a couple thousand dollars for the larger models. If you are looking for just something extra for a few holiday gatherings it may be worthwhile to get a smaller fridge. But, if you are a wine connoisseur and have quite a few bottles that need storage it may be worth the extra money to have them in a refrigerator that maintains the perfect temperature.

Compact refrigerators

GE Compact Refrigerator

GE Compact Refrigerator

Sometimes you only need to keep a few things cold and fresh. A compact refrigerator may be just what you need for your holiday gathering. After setting out your party food you can keep a few smaller food items (such as dips) that you can replenish easily from the compact refrigerator. Or it can be a great place for your guests to find their soda cans or keep bottles of wine cold. This can be just the extra you need to keep your party running smoothly.

The GE compact refrigerator scored an 84/100 on from 9 reviews. The cost of this refrigerator is around $300.

“It is dependable because it has not broken after a few years, is small enough to fit in a corner, and keeps food and drinks cold”. This would help with holiday entertaining with its ability to keep the drinks cold. Eurekaknew, Reviewer since 2010

The cost of these is around $110-$250 for a smaller dorm-room size model and can be up around $1000-$1500 for more deluxe ones. Deluxe ones are bigger with more room for both refrigeration and freezer room.

Chest Freezer

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This might be perfect to have for that holiday party so that you can freeze some extra desserts and ice cream, or even appetizers that you can quickly throw in the oven. Usually a garage or basement is the perfect location for a chest freezer so this will not get in the way at your party either. It is great to have this so that the party food you need to get to can be in your regular refrigerator, and you can put your personal frozen food in the chest freezer out of the way. Or extras of what you need for the party can go out there as well.

The cost of a chest freezer ranges from $100-$600, but most freezers are on the lower end of that range. The Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. chest freezer scored a 97/100 from 8 reviews. This chest freezer sells for $270 and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

“We like to buy in bulk, and this freezer helps us store a LOT of things in our garage that we don’t use every day.” shellkub, Reviewer since 2010

Is the extra purchase worth it?

I think buying one of these options for holiday entertaining can be well worth your money, especially if you can find a way for it to benefit you and your family long-term. If it helps you to have more room and to store your food and drinks better one of these options could really help you out.

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