Impress Coffee Brewer: Brew the Perfect Travel Mug In Three Minutes

VIDEO: Think the Impress Coffee Brewer sounds too good to be true? See how this travel mug brews a perfect cup of coffee in three minutes. 

A few weeks ago, I told you to skip French press coffee during the week to give your mornings a head start. Well, allow me to take that back. There’s a new on-the-go coffee brewer that makes toting a gourmet cup as simple as grabbing a travel mug. Coffee-loving commuters, rejoice.

Impress Coffee Brewer

Impress Coffee Brewer

The Impress Coffee Brewer promises something no other portable French press has perfected: an easy, travel-friendly pressed coffee without the sludge. The secret is the brewer’s three-piece construction. First is the outer tank, which you fill with hot water and coffee. After letting it brew for a few minutes, position the inner container over the tank and slowly press it down to the bottom. The inner container acts as the press and serves the dual purpose of filling with your coffee drink as well. The third piece? That’s just the lid that transforms this brewer into a travel mug.

The real beauty of this product is in its thoughtful design. Since the outer tank is made of double-walled stainless steel, the brewer retains heat for a long time without ever getting hot to the touch. For something you’ll be carrying with you, this is an ideal feature. Another great piece is the micro-filter at the base of the inner container. The mesh is fine enough to allow the brewed coffee liquid to flow up into the cup while trapping the grounds at the base. Those grounds will not seep through until you remove the inner container when you’re ready to clean the cup. Considering many travel French press mugs are unable to keep the sludge out of the drink, the Impress Brewer’s simple mechanism for doing so really sets it apart.

Considering how luxurious a cup of French pressed coffee is, the Impress Coffee Brewer lives up to its name when it comes to producing a quality drink. In fact, compared to the usual French press method, what with all the coils and pumps, this system is practically foolproof. If that convenience and ease of use if worth $39.95 to you, you can pick up an Impress Coffee Brewer at DesignBox. Sure, it costs more than the average travel mug, but consider what you’re getting from it. It’s the perfect present for the gourmet coffee lover in your life.

Could this rival the Viewpoints favorite French Press, the Aerobie? If you’ve tried the Impress, let us know!

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