Black and Decker Toaster Oven: “Best Value” In Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards

Black and Decker

Reviewers call this Black and Decker toaster oven with rotisserie “exceptional” for the price.

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When it comes to kitchen appliances, less is often more. A toaster oven that tries to do too many things may wind up not doing any single thing very well.

That’s not the case with the Black and Decker 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven with Rotisserie CTO7100B ($100). This toaster oven of many talents also comes at a budget price ($100) and easily wins “Best Value” convection toaster oven in the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards.

Black and Decker CTO7100B: “Best Value”

Black and Decker

Black and Decker belongs to the Spectrum product family that includes George Foreman, Farberware and Breadman.

Reviewers on Viewpoints grade their toaster ovens by assigning a number (1-5) on each of five attributes: even heating, safety, ease of cleaning, durability and design. Our Black and Decker “Best Value” winner gets its highest ratings for even heating and durability.


Black and Decker is known for making budget-friendly products that perform well. Several of our reviewers mention that this mighty toaster oven has only reinforced their confidence in the brand.

“Black and Decker has made household products for decades that work well. (This) is no exception. This oven heats up quickly. And the heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven. It bakes and broils. And works very well in my opinion. The exceptional feature is the rotisserie feature.”–Prophetess3, Roanoke, VA, Reviewer since 2010

Yes, the rotisserie is what puts this little oven over the top. Some cooks remark that they use it routinely instead of their big oven. The versatility of the Black and Decker is the key.

“What can’t you cook in one of these things!? The answer is NOTHING! I put everything from cookie dough to chicken in this guy, and he works like a charm! No need to preheat because it’s so small! It gets so hot so fast!”--BethanyAllen, Columbus, OH, Reviewer since 2010

One reviewer writes that when her oven went out, her husband bought this Black and Decker to use until her “house oven” was fixed. She swears it “works better than our house oven.” The even heating is the biggest surprise, something all cooks struggle with in full-size ovens.


But perhaps the biggest crowd pleaser with this Black and Decker is the price. At around $100, you get an appliance you will use at least once a day. 

“The cost of the item is very reasonable for all that you get. I can’t say enough good things about this toaster oven. If you’re looking for an inexpensive one, you should check it out. I’ve even cooked small casseroles in this toaster oven, and saved on turning the oven on. That saves on electricity for us too. Hope this convinces you to check this toaster oven out if you’re in the market for one.”--Patsylub, Franklin, OH, Reviewer since 2011

Black and Decker toaster oven

Today’s toaster ovens can replace your conventional oven for just about every recipe.

What to know

As much as there is to love, there’s no perfect product. Several reviewers mention this Black and Decker toaster oven is difficult to clean.

“’s almost designed to get messy. Other than the wire tray, there’s nothing separating the heating coils from the dishes and/or food. This means the coils get covered in cheese, apple pie filling, etc. all the time and it’s a huge pain to clean. That said, I still use it and will continue to.”–PuppyMamaOH, Cleveland, OH, Reviewer since 2011

If counter space is tight, reviewers say it will take up precious space, but most think what we get in return is well worth it.

“For me, the Black & Decker Toaster Oven has been not only a time & energy saver, but a life saver!”--kikiolymarie, St. Paul, MN, Reviewer since  2010

If your budget allows, the toaster oven winning “Best Overall” in the convection category also charms its users: the Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL ($250), one of the highest-rated products on Viewpoints.

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