Presto FlipSide: “Best Overall” Waffle Maker In Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards

Presto FlipSide

The Presto FlipSide is a waffle maker that rotates to evenly spread the batter.

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“Crispy outside and fluffy, tender inside” is the promise of the Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker, and Viewpoints reviewers say this product delivers. In fact, it’s so popular with our reviewers that the Presto FlipSide earns the “Best Overall” distinction in the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards. One cook calls it “maybe the greatest breakfast kitchen appliance ever made.”

Presto FlipSide: “Best Overall”

Presto FlipSide

Three features about this Belgian waffle maker are unique:

  1. It flips 180˚
  2. It has a countdown timer
  3. It stores vertically

Of course, all of the bells and whistles wouldn’t matter if the waffles didn’t taste good or if clean-up was a chore. Here’s a sample of what more than 50 reviewers on Viewpoints say about the Presto FlipSide:

Presto FlipSide

Founded in 1905, Presto has a long history of innovation in kitchen appliances.


Waffle makers come in all shapes and sizes. The Presto FlipSide “outshines and outperforms its peers,” says one New York City reviewer. Another in Florida writes:

“Friends of ours recommended this Presto FlipSide Waffle Maker. To make it an even easier decision they let us borrow theirs for a couple of weeks before we decided to make our purchase. After using it for a couple of weeks it didn’t take much to convince us that this budget waffle maker was a winner.”--RudiXeno, Boca Raton, FL, Reviewer since 2007

“This waffle maker was just something I bought for fun, but boy I’m glad I bought it. I use this waffle maker a lot, and I will never go to regular store bought waffles.”Ryguy, Reviewer since 2013

Ease of use

Presto FlipSide

Users say a waffle maker may be “unnecessary but it’s the most loved” once you get one.

Reviewers remark that the flipping might look involved, but it is actually pretty easy to use. Just pour about a cup of batter onto the surface, wait a few seconds and flip the unit over by its handle to even out the batter. Cooking takes about 3 minutes.

The really cool thing about the Presto FlipSide is that it turns breakfast into a fun time for the family.

“This waffle maker made our Sunday breakfasts look gourmet and taste great with minimum effort. It also makes a great easy dessert just by making a waffle with the Presto waffle maker and adding your favorite ice cream … This waffle maker is safe for kids to use with adult supervision. I love it and would not only recommend this product but would buy them and give them as gifts.”MaryZdichocki, Albrightsville, PA, Reviewer since 2009

What to know

“My only complaint is that I wish I could make more than one at a time especially when using it to make breakfast for the family. However, each waffle is a very big size and two people could actually share it.” judyn30, Chino, CA, Reviewer since 2009

“The timer is a nice feature, but it would be nice to have a timer “cancel” option and an option to add 30 seconds at a time instead of one second or one minute at a time.”jmuphoff, Reviewer since 2013

“I would recommend using a little bit of butter or cooking oil before adding the batter. I tried doing it the first time, and my waffle got stuck to the waffle maker.” elm0627, Pearland, TX, Reviewer since 2009

Others say a non-stick cooking spray is your best weapon against sticking. Either way, however, it seems like a small price for a waffle that will lift off the plate and melt in your mouth.

For the waffle maker rated as “Best Value” in the Reviewers’ Choice awards, check out our most budget-friendly choice, the Oster Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker ($25).

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