Natural Hardwood Floor Cleaners Favorites of Viewpoints Reviewers

natural hardwood floor cleaners

Hardwood floor owners are always looking for ways to keep their floors shiny and clean — these natural hardwood floor cleaners do the job right.

One of the things I absolutely love about our old house is the woodwork that came with it. This includes hardwood floors throughout the majority of the house, minus the kitchen and bathrooms. Hardwood floors are gorgeous to look at and, in general, fairly easy to maintain. In all honesty the most maintenance I’ve done on my floors is regular sweeping and cleaning up the big messes that occur. Looking at our dull floors I began researching the best floor cleaners to use on my hardwood floors to bring them back to life. I was happy to see that Viewpoints reviewers’ favorite products are natural hardwood floor cleaners.

Best natural hardwood floor cleaners

Murphy Oil Soap Concentrated Liquid

Murphy Oil Soap Concentrated Liquid

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An old classic, Murphy Concentrated Liquid Oil Soap, tops the list of hardwood cleaners with an impressive 93/100 rating based on over 75 reviews. Murphy Oil Soap has been around for over 100 years, cleaning wood furnishings all over. The oil soap is specially formulated to be 98 percent natural and leave wood surfaces clean and shining. Murphy can be used on most household wood, including wood furniture, floors and trim. Murphy is not good for unfinished surfaces and can potentially leave residue if too much is applied, but overall its cleaning properties outweigh these few drawbacks. The company also states it can be used for no-wax floors, laundry stains and painted surfaces. Murphy Oil Soap is also available as a squirt and mop, a cleaning spray and dusting wipes.

“I’ve been using Murphy Wood Oil for about 20 years and I wouldn’t clean without it!” cocoabella, Reviewer since 2009

Newer on the market, yet just as well loved, is Method Squirt + Mop Floor Cleaner (previously known as Wood for Good Floor Cleaner), which garners a high 93/100 rating with over 20 reviews. Method is known as a top-ranking natural-product line, so of course its wood cleaner would be a natural product. The fresh almond-scented cleaner is formulated specifically for wood floors, while Method also has everyday wood cleaners and dusters. Since this is a squirt and mop, the formula is ready to use, with no mixing required. Method Squirt + Mop works really well with the Method oMop floor care system (87/100). Like with Murphy, Method Squirt + Mop does not work on all hardwood, especially darker woods. The major difference between Murphy Oil Soap and Method is the price—Method is more expensive.

“This simplifies my cleaning routine and makes me feel that I am getting my house clean all without using harsh chemicals.” love4leon, Reviewer since 2010

Honorable mentions

Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner & Finish

Orange Glo Hardwood Cleaner & Finish

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Coming in close to the top dogs with high ratings of 91/100 are Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which has been around for 25 years, and Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner, which specializes primarily in floor cleaning. Both of these hardwood floor cleaners have natural ingredients and boast of leaving your floors clean, shiny and residue free. Orange Glo uses the power of orange citrus to clean and revitalize your floors. It retails for around $7 for a 16-oz. spray bottle at most retail stores. Bona is available at most major retailers for approximately $10 for a 36-oz spray bottle. Bona is also available in a Free and Clear formula.

While most cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals, the well-loved hardwood floor cleaners are natural and environmentally friendly. I’ve just started my quest for hardwood floor cleaners, so stay tuned for more information on my adventure in cleaning up my floors. Have you used a great floor cleaner? Tell us about it with a review on Viewpoints.

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