Silpada Jewelry Reviews: You Might Not Want to Buy This Jewelry For Your Sweetheart

Silpada Jewelry reviews

Thinking about giving jewelry this Christmas? You might not want to use this vendor. Viewpoints reviewers discuss the quality of Silpada sterling silver jewelry.

I love jewelry. I have my staples that I always wear, but I still enjoy collecting elegant necklaces, interesting rings and new bracelets. There are several jewelry sellers out there for you to choose from, whether you’re shopping for yourself or for your significant other. You want to be careful where you buy from, though. Silpada Jewelry reviews say that this vendor might have unique, beautiful designs but the pieces will not last.

What Silpada Jewelry is

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Silpada Jewelry is a direct sales vendor, meaning a Silpada representative teams up with a host, who throws a party for their friends to sell the jewelry. The host gets a percentage of the sales in the form of jewelry pieces of their choosing. You can also buy Silpada jewelry online from its website. The price of Silpada jewelry can vary anywhere from $20 to over $100, depending on what you wish to buy. All of its jewelry is made of sterling silver, and some is interwoven with bronze or has leather accents, and some are inset with turquoise or pearls. But, with a Viewpoints score of 66/100 based on 43 reviews, many reviewers were unhappy with the quality of these pieces.

Silpada Jewelry reviews

Easily broken and changes colors

An overwhelming number of reviewers did not have a good experience with Silpada Jewelry. These reviewers say that their jewelry broke within weeks of purchasing it. And the ones that did not, turned colors that even a polishing cloth could not get rid of.

Silpada Jewelry reviews

Several Silpada Jewelry reviews said it changed colors but not because of tarnish.

“My first Silpada purchase was a very cute sterling silver ankle bracelet. I wore it maybe 6 times, and it broke…I then ordered earrings and a necklace, both sterling silver. When I received the items, I was thrilled. Both looked fantastic. However, I first noticed the color changing on the earrings. It was color that I couldn’t wipe off with a jewelry cloth, so I purchased one of the jewelry cleaner machines. No luck…It only got worse because the necklace started turning color as well. The chain first, then the pendant. It looks like copper now! I’ve tried to clean it with.” mkbh94il, Reviewer since 2009

Customer service never calls back

Though Silpada advertises easy returns, more than one Viewpoints reviewer said in their Silpada Jewelry review that they had a hard time making a return because customer service never called back.

“I am very disappointed in the customer service. I have called and emailed my representative for over 3 weeks to return a product and I have emailed this corporate site as well and have had no reply from anyone. I love the product but can’t believe I can’t return anything without receiving an address to mail to and no one will respond.”CRK, reviewer since 2010

“Weeks went by. I had paid, but no jewelry. At the party I was told my things would arrive in 4-5 days. I emailed both my party hostess and Slipada. The party hostess called me and apologized and said that she hadn’t “closed the party” even though it had been month, and was just getting around to it… Slipada wrote back and denied anything was wrong. I replied trying again to explain that I don’t have my jewelry, and they didn’t’ answer. I still don’t have my stuff and it’s been another week.”thesandwich, Reviewer since 2011

Silpada Jewelry reviews

Silpada Jewelry is praised for its unique designs by nearly all Viewpoints reviewers.

Real sterling silver in fun designs

Some Viewpoints reviewers were happy with their jewelry purchases. According to these Silpada Jewelry reviews, not only was the jewelry real sterling silver at an affordable price, but the designs were unique and beautiful as well.

“I saw the jewelry on a vendor’s table and fell in love – the designs were unique and beautiful and I loved the weight of some of the pieces. The rep gave me a catalog, which I pored over at home. That’s when I found out that there was no hard sell or silly games at the parties – which sounded great…I love the quality and style of my jewelry and receive compliments about the various pieces I wear quite frequently. I especially love that it is made from sterling silver” Lizanneh, Reviewer since 2010

It might be beautiful but keep searching

Just because jewelry is made of sterling silver does not mean it is good quality. And even though Silpada has its design going for it, according to reviews it is not worth the money and especially not worth the risk. If you’re shopping for yourself, a friend, family or a significant other this holiday season, you might want to look elsewhere for your jewelry needs.

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