Oster: “Best Value” Waffle Maker In Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards


The Oster Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker is a mighty machine for a low price. It wins “Best Value” in the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards.

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Breakfast bliss for $25. That’s what you get with the Oster Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker. It wins ”Best Value” in the 2013 Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards, honoring products that meet and exceed consumer expectations. We base our product awards on consumer sentiment, not lab-based tests or anonymous surveys.

Reviewers on Viewpoints are crazy about this Oster waffle maker. Basically, they can’t believe they paid so little for a waffle maker that brings so much fun to the kitchen.

Oster: “Best Value”


Oster is part of the Jarden family of appliances, which also includes Sunbeam, Crock-Pot and Mr. Coffee.

Reviewers on Viewpoints are asked to grade their waffle makers on five criteria, each on a scale of 1 to 5: performance, settings/features, ease of cleaning, ease of use and durability. Here’s a look at how this Oster measures up:

Performance – 5/5

Oster makes several models of waffle makers, at similar low price points. This one, however, is different. This Oster features a “DuraCeramic” non-stick coating that according to Oster lasts “4 times longer than ordinary non-stick surfaces” and “won’t flake or peel.”  It also cooks up to 20 percent faster, says Oster. Reviewers agree that it makes a killer waffle.

“Our family loves to have breakfast for dinner, and we have tried a few different brands and types of waffle irons including an expensive flip version and the Oster chrome waffle iron is one of the best by far … The waffles cook quickly and evenly and have deep pockets to hold lots of butter and syrup.” thepolkadothippo, Spokane, WA, Reviewer since 2009 

This reviewer has been using his Oster for about four years and raves about it:

“We make waffles at least 2-3 times a month, and our iron still works great. It has the standard features you would expect in a waffle iron: non-stick surface, cooking settings, and built-in timer. Our timer works great; golden brown every time. We’ve only had sticking issues when we’ve tried fresh fruit in our waffles.”JoshDaddy, Reviewer since 2013 


The Oster Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker has a dial that most reviewers don’t touch once they find the crispness they prefer.

Settings/features – 4/5

Keep in mind that this is a budget buy, so not many bells and whistles. Even so, reviewers specifically mention liking the light on top that tells you when waffle are done. There’s a dial that most people say they keep in the same place once they find just the right blend of crispy and soft.

Ease of cleaning/ease of use – 5/5

Let’s face it. Cleaning a waffle maker can be a pain. The pieces don’t come apart. And reviewers say this Oster, too, can be awkward to wipe down to get every crumb out of the crevices. But the Oster gets high marks for the non-stick surface, which goes a long way toward making clean-up less of a chore.

“Sticking this in the dishwasher is a big no-no, but who minds cleaning this by hand when it’s so easy to do? This waffle maker is really easy…”--meljoy45, Hanover, PA, Reviewer since 2010

As for ease of use, the Oster Chrome Belgian Waffle Maker is “very easy to use, even for my children. I feel for the price it is fantastic.” kris6, Chico, CA, Reviewer since 2011

Durability – 5/5

This particular model has been on the market for several years. Not one of our reviewers have experienced a problem with it.

What to know

There’s not a reservoir to catch batter that might overflow, so you’ll need to be careful to use just the right amount of batter. Determining just the right setting on the temperature dial is not intuitive. Many reviewers comment about the trial and error process, but overall not a huge concern. For the price, however, we think you’ll look hard to find a waffle maker that’s more of a crowd-pleaser. Life is short. Make a waffle!

For the waffle maker rated as “Best Overall” in the Reviewers’ Choice awards, check out the popular Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker 03510 ($50).

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