Avoid Noise In the Kitchen With These Popular Quiet Refrigerators

quiet refrigerators

Avoid clanking and rumbling in the kitchen with some of these favorite quiet refrigerators.

Tired of your loud refrigerator? Here are some of popular quiet refrigerators.

If you are in the market to buy a refrigerator, one of your criteria might be the noise level of the appliance. Nobody wants a loud refrigerator, but how can you test this while you’re shopping? It can be hard to tell from the sales floor and you don’t want to be stuck with a clanking appliance that is not easy to return.

Many newer models out there are pretty quiet. I have seen favorable reports on Samsung side-by-side refrigerators, LG French-door models (with the exception of an occasional clunking sound from the ice maker), and the KitchenAid Architect Series Bottom Freezer.

Lines of quiet refrigerators

Some brands have a specific line of quieter refrigerators models.

The LG brand is known for its efficiency and being quiet. The compressor in these refrigerators has a cooling cycle which has an overall sound level much lower than its counterparts. The part, called a “soft start regulatory system,” makes the cooling system quieter. Most LG refrigerators have the Energy Star symbol and are 20 percent more efficient than government standards.

Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator 6898

Kenmore Top-Freezer Refrigerator 6898

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A couple of refrigerator models scored high on Viewpoints for their sound level. The Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerator 6898 (overall score 90/100) scored a 5/5 for the noise level.

“You can not really hear it running unless you are standing right next to it. It is very quiet as far as refrigerators go.” marlene5520, Reviewer since 2010

Another model that has done well by reviewers on Viewpoints is the Maytag French-door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator MFX2570AEM. It has an overall score of 96/100 with a 5/5 for the noise level.

“The product is very quiet and makes virtually no noise. I sleep next to it practically every night, and I can hear nothing at night.” TerryHaza, Reviewer since 2013

A tip for improving your current refrigerator model

Some cleaning around your current refrigerator can help cut down on the noise. The dust around your refrigerator can cause it to be noisy. Try vacuuming beneath and behind your refrigerator, as well clean around the coils of your refrigerator. You should see and hear a difference. This is a much cheaper solution than buying a new refrigerator and may be all that you need.

Check your warranty

If all else fails and you end up buying a model that is louder than what you hoped for, all refrigerators have some sort of warranty and money-back guarantee. Most models on the market have a five to 10 year warranty. So, you do have time to figure out if the refrigerator you bought is the right one for you.

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