Samsung Washing Machines: The Best and the Worst

Samsung washing machines

Samsung Washing Machines are one of the most popular brands on — even the worst Samsung machine ranks with the average washing machine score.

Shopping for the right Samsung washing machine takes time without reading a few honest product reviews first. To find the best washer, shoppers need to sort through the hype – both the good and the bad – to make an informed purchase.

Samsung washing machines still rank among the best on the market, and plenty of Viewpoints reviewers agree. Here is a quick look at the best and the worst of Samsung washers on Viewpoints.

The Cream of the Crop: Samsung HE Front Load Washer WF330AN

Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer WF330AN

Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer WF330AN

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This Samsung model earned a Viewpoints score of 95/100 points and won Viewpoints’ award for best pet hair removal, too. At an estimated price of $999, the Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer WF330AN is one of the top washers available on Viewpoints. Overall, reviewers speak very highly of this model:

“Our clothes come out very clean. This washer is very quiet. Ours is on the second floor right beside our bedroom, and we don’t hear it or feel it shaking when it washes a load — a miracle…there are just the right cycles built into this machine. There aren’t cycles we don’t use, and it has all of the ones we need — like Hand wash. It is hard to find a hand-wash cycle unless you spend a ton of money on a washer.” CindyLouC, Reviewer since 2010

“I admit I had reservations about transitioning to a front-loading washer, but those are completely gone now…we are the super shoppers – we want the absolute most for our money on everything we buy – and spend the time to research every purchase. That said, we are very happy with our new Samsung washer – we did get the most for our money!” arkies, Reviewer since 2009

Viewpoints’ shoppers looking for a great value should definitely give this Samsung model a closer look. However, even the “worst” Samsung washers on Viewpoints earned decent reviews.

The Bottom of the Barrel: Samsung VRT Top Load Washer WA5451ANW/XAA

Samsung VRT Top Load Washer WA5451ANW/XAA

Samsung VRT Top Load Washer WA5451ANW/XAA

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Even the lowest-rated Samsung washers on Viewpoints are decent values. The average Viewpoints score on washing machines is 74/100 points, but the worst-received Samsung washer still tied the average score.

At a steep price of $1,6999, there are a few caveats worth mentioning on the Samsung VRT Top Load Washer WA5451ANW/XAA. Here are a few words of caution from Viewpoints reviewers:

“I purchased this for water saving and doing large loads as it has a very large drum. The only problem is that if you want to do a very large load, you almost have to always use the bedding cycle to get enough water. So I am not sure I am really saving that much on water. You can add clothes after the wash has started, but if you accidentally hit the power button, all the water drains out and you have to start again.” laundrymom4, Reviewer since 2011

“For the price I had higher expectations. I find that the cycles run longer than my other washer and thus question the efficiency of a “energy saver” washing machine. I also find that my whites are not as white as I want them to be and I contribute this to lack of a proper agitator. Not to mention you have to purchase HE laundry detergent as well which cost much more than regular detergent.” candibar, Reviewer since 2011

After spending a large amount of money on a washer with energy-efficient features, it seems like some Viewpoints reviewers expected more bang for their buck.

At the end of the day, Samsung washing machines on Viewpoints still receive more good reviews than bad. To get the most value out of a new Samsung washing machine, Viewpoints reviewers highly recommend the Samsung High Efficiency Front Load Washer WF330AN.


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