LG Tromm Washers: The Front-Load Washers That Will Save You Time and Money

LG Tromm Washers: The Front-Load Washers That Will Save You Time and Money

LG Tromm washers wash large loads of laundry quickly. And unlike top-loading washers, LG Tromm can save you money on your next water and electric bill.

Not doing laundry over the weekend can ruin a Monday morning: your only clean shirt doesn’t go with your only clean pants, your socks don’t match, and you can’t find a sweater to keep you warm at the office. But washing machines are both expensive and an energy suck. They can skyrocket bills and still not get your clothes as clean as you want them. But LG Tromm washers will save you money month to month and save you time.

What is an LG Tromm Washer?

Tromm is the trade name for front-loading washers and dryers manufactured by LG Electronics. LG washers are known as the industry’s largest front-load washers, but what do LG Tromm washers offer that makes it different from anyone else?

LG Tromm steams your clothes clean

LG Tromm uses what LG Electronics calls Steam Technology, meaning the machine uses steam when washing your clothes to get rid of dirt, odors and wrinkles. This also means there is low water consumption, conserving both energy and money.

LG Tromm Washers: The Front-Load Washers That Will Save You Time and Money

LG Tromm washers save you money and are green since it conserves both water and energy.

“The steam cycle works great on items that you can’t normally get wet (bonus–toys, decorative pillows)… I typically use the regular cycle and its great that you can select add on’s and change it up a little by adding steam.” eetyrell, Reviewer since 2011

LG Tromm saves money

The LG Tromm saves money in more ways than just with its steam technology. Front-load washers use considerably less water than top-load washers in general. This is because there is no reason to fill the washer with water during the wash cycle and again during the rinse cycle. This results in using about a third less water.

Some of LG’s newest front-loading machines also have detergent reservoirs. The machine releases a concentrated amount of detergent during your laundry cycle resulting in using less than your usual amount. Even the models without detergent reservoirs require less detergent because LG Tromm washers clean more efficiently.

“We use WAY less laundry detergent! (And for a family of 7 – that says a LOT!) We typically buy the regular laundry detergent and only put 1/3 or 1/4 of what it calls for in the thing – same with fabric softener and it works wonders!!!!! Our clothes are fresh and clean always!” MelissaErtleBarney, Reviewer since 2010

LG washers also have sensors that detect how large your load of laundry is and use the appropriate amount of water. This takes the guesswork out of the question and saves you some money on your next water bill.

Six motions to wash your clothes the right way

LG Tromm Washers: The Front-Load Washers That Will Save You Time and Money

Instead of just having your standard washing motions, LG Tromm washers have six different motions you can choose from.

Most washers only have three or four presets: normal, permanent press, delicate—but LG Tromm washers have six different motions plus numerous other presets. This includes tumbling, stepping and scrubbing motions as well as steam, sanitary, hand washing, and heavy preset cycles. With all the different settings to choose from, there is definitely going to be the right one for your load, whether it is washing your grass-stained toddler’s clothes or the sheets off your bed.

“It has so many wonderful options, steam, sanitize, delicates, heavy, hand washing, I use them all! The sanitize is perfect for washing sheets and cleaning rags. I use the delicate feature for my bathing suites, bras, sweaters and dress pants. All of my oversized blankets also fit in the washer and it has a oversized option as well.” farren, Reviewer since 2010

Your best LG Tromm washer option

Washer models come and go all of the time so using reviews to find a highly rated current model is hard. So what is your best LG Tromm washer option available right now?

LG Front-Load SteamWasher model WM8000HVA

The LG Front-Load Steam Washer, model WM8000HVA, is the highest-rated LG washer available on Viewpoints. With a score of 88/100 based on 76 reviews, it is rated well above the average washing machine score of 74. This particular front-load washing machine comes with 14 different wash programs—including speed wash, Allergiene, and towels—and twelve different options—such as delay wash, rinse and spin, and steam. With a starting price of $1499.99 and a large capacity, this washing machine will save you time and money on utility bills.

LG Tromm Washers: The Front-Load Washers That Will Save You Time and Money

The LG Front-Load SteamWash comes in both white and gray, the white being a cheaper option if you are on a budget.

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“There are many different setting combinations so you can customize the way you want to wash each load. When you do wash clothes it has a very quick run time. Even with all the combinations you can use to wash your clothes it is still surprisingly easy to use. A couple pushes of the buttons and you are on your way. The best part though is the energy efficiency of this model. I swear it doesn’t use much more electricity than a standard lighting fixture.” verasmom, Reviewer since 2010

“While the price is a bit high compared to similar models, this washer does an excellent job on both linens and delicates even when used on the “cold” setting. It works quietly, seems very efficient, and we’ve seen a minimal savings in energy by switching to this unit.” kk075, Reviewer since 2010

Some Viewpoints reviewers were not happy with this washer. A few had problems getting their whites to actually come out white, and that was just the tip of the iceberg for them.

“I am soooo disappointed with this machine for many reasons. The number one is your whites just don’t come out white! I have tried all different ways and the only conclusion I can come to is because a front load machine does not have a soak cycle. What a bummer! Also, the washing cycles are incredibly long (over an hour). And, it really doesn’t wash a huge load of towels or jeans as promised. The steam cycle is a nice feature, but that is about it!” EileenEvans, Reviewer since 2011

Bottom line

LG Tromm washers, though expensive, are, for the most part, well reviewed. With its many energy efficient options and time saving capacity, its one-time high cost might be worth it in the long run if it saves you money on bills in the future. And its quick wash and preset timers allow you to live your life without having to worry about what is in the wash, allowing you to wake up Monday morning and wear whatever you want.

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