Bella Rocket Blender: ‘Best Value’ In Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice Awards

Bella Rocket Blender 12-Piece 13330

Best Value blender winner of the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards: Bella 12-Piece Rocket Blender 13330

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Looking for the best blender you can buy on a budget?

Chosen as the ‘Best Value’ blender in the Viewpoints Reviewers’ Choice awards is the Bella 12-Piece Rocket Blender 13330. Not only is it a bargain, reviewers on Viewpoints rate it highly for ease of cleaning, ease of use, design and durability.

Bella Rocket Blender: ‘Best Value’

It’s not that difficult to find a fabulous, versatile blender if you have hundreds of dollars to spend. It’s special, though, when you come across a product that costs no more than the cash in your pocket. At $30, the price of the Bella Rocket blender is almost too good to be true, and with just a bit of hunting online, you may find it on sale for less.


Bella Rocket blender logo

Bella makes a wide range of small kitchen appliances.

Some people avoid pulling out a full-sized blender for a smoothie because they (understandably) don’t want to spend more time cleaning the blender than preparing the drink. Reviewers of the Bella Rocket blender write about how often they use it because of its convenient single-serving size:

“The Bella makes it easy to quickly make a delicious smoothie and I always make the right amount.  I also like that it has a smaller cup.  I use that to make my two year old’s smoothies. Another favorite about the Bella is all of the accessories.  It comes with rings to put on the cup so you can drink straight from it.  It also has lids for storing and lids to use it as a shaker cup.”betty841Reviewer since 2009

Blending Power

Another reason the Bella Rocket blender rates so highly is its power. Small, but mighty. It has two stainless steel blades, according to the Bella website, which says the “grinding blade” chops hard foods and coffee beans, while the “cross blade” takes quick care of solid fruits and vegetables. Viewpoints reviewers back up the manufacturer claims.

“The blending power is amazing and very powerful. It makes for the smoothest smoothies.” bmoore11, Reviewer since 2013

“I put carrots into my smoothies and don’t ever get any grainy texture from them because this blender does such a good job!” --FrecklesInTime, Reviewer since 2013


But the best part about the Bella 12-Piece Rocket Blender 13330 is the price. One reviewer confesses to choosing it because of the deal, but now being “addicted” to using it. 

“I had never heard of this brand, but due to a great sale at Macy’s along with a nice rebate, I got this blender at a great price. Having used it for more than a few months now, if I had to replace it I would easily pay full price.” spinjani, Reviewer since 2009

What to know about the Bella Rocket blender

About the only complaint from reviewers is that “it’s a little loud.”

“When I blend my smoothie in the morning, I’m always concern(ed) about waking up my other family members.” lamlamt, Reviewer since 2011 

A blender better suited for gourmet cooking is the Vitamix Variable Speed 5200, winner of ‘Best Overall’ in the blender category.

Bella Rocket blender wins Viewpoints Reviewers' Choice awards

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