Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress Is Not Worth the Price

Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress Is Not Worth the Price

The Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress might have a high Viewpoints score but its mixed reviews call into question whether or not it is worth the expense.

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Buying a high-end mattress can cost a fortune. All-natural latex mattresses are praised for lasting a lifetime, being hypoallergenic and being chemical-free, but they can cost thousands of dollars depending on the size you get. With a Viewpoints score of 86/100 based on 26 reviews, the Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress is rated above the average mattress. Most Viewpoints reviewers thought it was worth the high price, but some reviewers disagreed saying it sags so badly they want to throw it out but can’t because they don’t have the money for a new one. So is the Serenity Latex Mattress really worth the price tag?

What makes the Serenity Latex Mattress different?

Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress Is Not Worth the Price

For queen, king and California king Serenity mattresses, you can split the bed, getting different latex layers on each side of the mattress.

The Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress is made of three three-inch layers of all-natural latex. Savvy Rest allows you to personalize the foam layer combination in your mattress, your options being soft, medium and firm. You can choose which layer types you want and the order within the mattress itself. The foam is incased in 100 percent cotton and wool, which can go on a slatted foundation, a platform foundation, or a traditional box spring. This mattress is available in custom sizes, in any dimension or shape, and it is sold at mattress retailers throughout the United States.


You can build it how you want it

Savvy Rest not only allows you to customize the firmness and order of the latex layers in your Serenity Latex Mattress, but you can also customize each side of the mattress. Similar to Tempur-Pedic mattresses, the Serenity Latex Mattress allows you and your partner to choose different latex combinations for each side of the bed for mattress sizes queen and up. Some shy away from doing this for fear you can feel the split down the middle if you roll over during the night, but Viewpoints reviewers say that this isn’t a problem.

“The beauty of this bed is that you can build it to your specifications and even split a queen or king down the middle so each side can have it’s own configured layers! Kudos to the person who came up with this idea! We chose a split king, and my side has a 3″ firm layer on the bottom, a 3″ medium layer in the middle, and my top layer is another 3″ medium layer. My hubby’s side has firm over firm, over medium.” catlover1952, Reviewer since 2010

Helps alleviate preexisting pain

Mattresses can help, induce or worsen back, neck and leg pain. In fact, this is either one of the common complaints or praises of mattresses on Viewpoints. Viewpoints reviewers say that the Serenity Latex Mattress has helped alleviate their preexisting pain, and in some cases completely eliminated it.

Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress Is Not Worth the Price

The Serenity Latex Mattress relieved some reviewers’ back and neck pain but it made it worse for others.

“I’ve always had problems sleeping due to back, neck, and leg soreness. Our bed has completely erased all of those issues. After going through two futons, two sets of memory foam pads, and an actual innerspring mattress in 5 years, I was at my wit’s end.” KarlaT, Reviewer since 2011

Chemical free and non-toxic

The organic, natural materials of the Serenity Latex Mattress make it both non-toxic and hypoallergenic. This is a change from most memory-foam mattresses, which are made from polyurethane and composed largely of various chemicals. This is why many of these mattresses smell when you first get them home until they have been thoroughly aired out. Even though memory-foam mattresses are a good mattress option, not everyone is comfortable sleeping on one because of the chemicals. Many Viewpoints reviewers took comfort in the chemical-free composition of the Serenity Latex Mattress.

“We are thrilled with our new Savvyrest mattress. It is extremely comfortable and we feel much better knowing that we’re not breathing in toxic chemicals all night. This is especially true since our baby spends part of each night in bed with us–he certainly doesn’t need to breath lots of chemicals all night!” Ampe, Reviewer since 2012


So expensive you might have to miss a house payment

The Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress is $2,549 for a queen. Even the cheapest size, the regular twin, starts at $ 1,690. This was a problem for many Viewpoints reviewers, even the ones who were happy with their mattress said you might have to miss a house payment for your comfort.

Savvy Rest Serenity Latex Mattress Is Not Worth the Price

The Serenity Latex Mattress is so expensive when one reviewer’s mattress sagged they couldn’t replace it for fear they wouldn’t be able to pay their bills.

“After looking at several different mattresses, we decided on the Savvy Rest for several reasons – we wanted natural latex because it is hypoallergenic and for environmental reasons…The concern we had about this one is that they are very expensive and not returnable. We tried the mattress in the store and it was ok, so we sprung for it. Unfortunately, we have tried multiple variations of firmness, but nothing has been comfortable…And since we spent so much money on it ($3200), there’s no way we can get another one soon.” vkomisar, Reviewer since 2012

It doesn’t matter what you do, it will sag

Some Viewpoints reviewers had problems with the mattress sagging. As with most mattresses, some people had this problem while some did not. But with a mattress as expensive as the Serenity Latex Mattress, it is a lot of money wasted when you find yourself sleeping on a slant.

“Over a year, I have continued to contact Savvy Rest and complained about the bed sagging. We are sleeping on a slant. You will feel yourself roll into the middle, which causes muscle soreness from your body trying to adjust to the slant… six months later and the sag is worse. My husband goes to the chiropractor twice a week, as do I. Futile I now, since the mattress is the cause, but until we can afford to spend another $1500 or so, we are stuck with this mattress.” scanmike, Reviewer since 2010

Bottom line

Not many people have $2,500 to throw around, especially when it is not guaranteed that they will be satisfied. After reading all of the reviews, the reviewers who had a firm top layer of latex did not have the sagging problems others did, but this is not a guaranteed solution. Savvy Rest does do its best to switch out your layers free of charge if you do find a problem with your mattress. But in the long run this latex mattress might not be worth the risk.

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