Customize Your Next Mattress With Verlo

Should You Choose Verlo For Your Next Mattress?

Viewpoints reviewers advise that before you go out and buy a Verlo mattress, you might want to stop and think about the pros and cons of buying a mattress with limited availability.

Choosing the right mattress for you starts with talking to a doctor. But even once they tell you to find a firm innerspring, or to go with the memory-foam mattress you still have to narrow your options down by brand or store. If you live in the Midwest, one of your local choices is Verlo. But what makes Verlo mattresses so different from all your other options? Should you really choose it over other more-popular brands? Viewpoints reviewers say there are a few things to consider before making your choice.

About Verlo

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Verlo is a mattress company with store locations throughout the Midwest. Since its founding in 1958, Verlo has been known for its custom-made mattresses. Now selling both standard and custom mattresses, Verlo offers innerspring, gel memory-foam and air-technology mattresses at its store locations and online. The prices of these mattresses vary from affordable to high end depending on what you are looking for. Verlo innerspring mattresses start at $299 for a queen mattress set, and go up from there, and its memory-foam mattresses start at just over $2,000 for a queen. The cost of a custom mattress all depends on its size and quality, and can be as low as $300 and go up to more than $2,500.

With a Viewpoints score of 76/100 based on 13 reviews, many customers felt Verlo was “the best mattress I ever owned.” But not everyone was a fan, with several saying “it is not worth the money.” After wading through the good and the bad of this brand it is obvious that there are both pros and cons to buying Verlo.


Verlo is tailor made, just for you

Should You Choose Verlo For Your Next Mattress?

Verlo makes your mattress itself instead of getting it from a warehouse like other mattress retailers.

In addition to its standard- and specialty-sized mattresses, Verlo makes custom-made mattresses in-store. The custom mattresses can either improve upon the firmness or the softness of a mattress, or create one that fits a non-standard bedframe—this includes round mattresses, futon mattresses and boat mattresses.

“They are a very neat company. They actually make your mattress for you; no big warehouses with stacks of identical mattresses. A guy in a leather apron sewed [mine] together on a table in the back. Amazing.” ThomasScott, Reviewer since 2011

“Consumers may have firmness, etc. adjusted if the comfort does not quite seem right. All quality materials are put into the mattresses. But, with all that quality material, the mattress tends to be quite heavy.” jlois, Reviewer since 2007

Verlo’s lifetime comfort guarantee

Verlo mattresses also come with a lifetime comfort guarantee. If your body’s needs change, or you change your mind about how firm or soft you like your mattress, Verlo will adjust your mattress for you, free of charge. This is in addition to the mattress’ warranty, which protects it from defects. This is part of the reason why Verlo makes their own mattresses. Viewpoints reviewers found this to be a great feature of the mattress company, saying it is convenient and saves money in the long run.

“My son’s [mattress] is 6 years old and it is sagging. They pulled us up on the computer and said that his is under warranty for two more years. They are going to come out, pick it up, refill it and return it the same day. I have had this done with a previous mattress of theirs and they do it at no charge.”Lasarre, Reviewer since 2011


Verlo needs to be repaired way too often

Should You Choose Verlo For Your Next Mattress?

Some Viewpoints reviewers had to repair their Verlo mattress so often, they said the fact that it was free no longer mattered.

Even though they do have a lifetime comfort guarantee and a warranty, some reviewers felt they were having to have their mattresses repaired or adjusted way too often to make purchasing the mattress worth it, no matter how tailored to their needs it is.

“I bought a thousand dollar mattress about 14 months ago they repaired it once but it still is the worst mattress I ever had or thing I ever slept on. I don’t care to try repair a second time. Especially cause they take the whole bed with them. Other places have not done that. I will not buy from them again and won’t recommend them.” susanHelgesen, Reviewer since 2011

“We bought a memory foam bed and it sank so they let us pick out another bed and now that one is sinking on the sides. Would never buy from verlo again because their products don’t hold up at all.” verlo, Reviewer since 2013

Poor customer service

Though there are no complaints about the in-store customer service—all sales reps were very knowledgeable and helpful, especially if ordering a custom mattress—many found Verlo’s phone services to be lacking. Some could not even get ahold of anyone to take advantage of their warranty or the comfort guarantee.

Should You Choose Verlo For Your Next Mattress?

Its in-store service might be stellar, but Verlo’s over the phone customer service is not, some never hearing back about their warranty.

“The mattress came with a 15 year non-prorated warranty. With regular flipping and turning, the mattress lasted about 9 years before it started caving in and causing backaches, which in my experience is about average for a mattress. But, I bought this mattress because of the construction and the warranty. When I tried to take advantage of the warranty service, no one would call me back. The factory promised that someone would fix my mattress, but I’ve made several calls over a 10 day period and have heard nothing.” sailorgirl81, Reviewer since 2013

Only worth the risk if you live nearby

Though you can order online and Verlo will ship their mattresses anywhere within the continental United States, the perks available with this mattress company that gives it a leg up over others—the custom firmness or softness of the mattresses and comfort guarantee—is not available to those who do not live in one of the states where there is a store location. But if you do live near a location, you should go try one out and see if Verlo is the right option for you.

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