Are Cleaning Wipes Worth The Extra Expense?

cleaning wipes

There is a cleaning wipe for every cleaning task, but the convenience is often not worth the extra cost.

With consumers wanting more and more convenience in their cleaning, manufactures are eager to oblige. With three whirlwind children running through the house, I’m all for convenience in my cleaning regimen, within reason. I want to know a cleaning wipe is worth the extra cost I’m going to pay—and yes, these convenient wipes are usually more expensive than their counterparts.

Disinfecting wipes can be used in almost every area of the house. Multi-surface cleaning wipes are very similar and almost as popular, they just don’t claim to disinfect the surface you are cleaning. In order to help effectively clean specific surfaces or areas, more specialized wipes are available.

In the bathroom

Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Bathroom Wipes

Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Bathroom Wipes

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Not too many people enjoy cleaning the bathroom so making it a little quicker is always helpful. Scrubbing Bubbles, a popular bathroom cleaner, produces an antibacterial wipe it claims is flushable. This particular wipe rates slightly lower (84/100) than popular disinfecting wipes like Lysol Disinfectant Wipes and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, which essentially do the same job. Many stores also have a bathroom or toilet cleaning wipe, such as the Dollar General Brand Disinfecting Toilet Wipes.

“The Dollar General Disinfecting Wipes are very good to use in between your regular overall bathroom cleaning. I use them on a daily basis to wipe down the toilet and any other surfaces in my bathroom. I feel like this cuts down on spreading germs and my bathroom looks better when I do this.” momofyorkies, Reviewer since 2010

For windows

Windex Original Glass and Surface Wipes

Windex Original Glass and Surface Wipes

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A beloved chore in my house is cleaning the windows. While my children love to do it, I don’t really trust them with the spray bottle of window cleaner, and they don’t quite get the idea of leaving it streak free. Known for its glass cleaning abilities, Windex is just about the only company producing a glass-cleaning wipe. The Windex Original Glass and Surface Cleaning Wipes rate a medium 72/100. Reviewers’ biggest complaint is that it leaves streaks. While the glass-cleaning wipes may be more convenient, many say they aren’t worth the price.

A 32-oz. bottle of original Windex Glass Cleaner spray retails for about $4, but the wipes cost over $4 for a pack of 28 wipes.

“These…just like their Windex spray counterparts, leave behind the same streaks, and lines as I hoped they wouldnt. And worse than that…they left behind dust and lint from the wipes!” onlyonellyra, Reviewer since 2010

For the car

Armor All Cleaning Wipes

Armor All Cleaning Wipes

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When it comes to my car, I try to at least keep the French fries and Cheerios off the seats. I don’t have a lot of time to detail things like the dashboard and the steering wheel like I should (have you even seen that black stuff build up? Gross.). Luckily Armor All, a leading vehicle cleaner has created a cleaning wipe for you car. Armor All Wipes come in both a pop-up wipes canister (89/100) and an Armor All To-Go package (100/100). The biggest different between the canister and the to-go pack is that the wipes in the canister tend to dry out faster than you can use them. Reviewers agree that Armor All Wipes help keep their vehicles clean.

“Once I use these wipes on the inside of the car, the vehicle looks (and smells) brand new! It is unbelievable what a difference it makes.” jasyjen, Reviewer since 2008

Specialty Wipes

Wipes are also available for cleaning various other surfaces in the home. Sensitive electronic equipment can be difficult to clean, however, specialized electronic wipes like Nice ‘n Easy Electronic Wipes don’t rate as well as multi-surface wipes, which will work on most electronics.

And how about that leather furniture? Leather cleaning wipes are a convenient way to refresh your leather sofa without toting around a kit of chemicals. Two brands receive positive reviews for their leather cleaning abilities. Weiman Leather Wipes (Viewpoints score TBD) contain 6 natural cleaners and conditioners that leave leather and many other surfaces clean and conditioned.

“I have only used them on our sofa and on my leather purse and they work great. They leave leather silky, smooth, clean and smelling great.” MRSverrett, Reviewer since 2009

Method also makes a leather wipe, the Method Leather Love Cleaning Wipe. Method’s leather wipe cleans and conditions in one step, saving you time and money on separate products. Have you used leather wipes before? Please share your experience with others by writing a review of these leather-cleaning wipes.

While cleaning wipes are more convenient, often when they get more specialized it gets further away from it’s original cleaner. The highest-rated cleaning wipes are those that are multi-functional or have disinfecting properties. Others are nice to have, but sometimes they are not worth the extra money you will invest.

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