Deciphering Model Number Codes For Better Refrigerator Shopping

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If you’re doing some comparison refrigerator shopping, you’ll want to learn how to read the model numbers to compare from store to store.

If you have ever gone refrigerator shopping either online or in stores you have probably seen the long string of letters and numbers after the refrigerator brand and model name. Typically there are letters in the front, several digits in the middle, and then a couple letters at the end. But what does it all mean? Can it help you to make a better refrigerator purchase? Yes!

Different brands have different codes

As if it wasn’t confusing enough to look at those model numbers, each brand is slightly different as to how it makes up its model numbers. Let’s look at a few of these brands.


The first two characters are represented by an RF, RS, or RB. The second letter stands for the type of refrigerator. The F is for French Door, S is Side by Side, and B is for Bottom Freezer. The next thing you see are numbers like 263, 267, 266, etc. These refer to specific models or features on the refrigerator. At the end of the model number you will see either a PN, or an RS, which represents the color. PN is platinum and RS is stainless steel.


Maytag is similar to Samsung in that the type of the refrigerator is in the first three letters, and the middle numbers represent the features and functions. The very last letter at the end is the letter that represents the color. For example W = white.


This brand is a little more complicated. The first letter is the manufacturing division code. The second letter is the year manufactured. The first and second digits reveal the week of the year manufactured and the third through seventh digits are the order of manufacturing that week. As helpful as these model numbers might be in the stock room, I don’t believe they help the consumer as much as other brands.


The code for this brand starts with type of refrigerator in the first couple of letters and the refrigerator’s features in the digits in the middle of the number. The 10th letter of the code represents the color. In this brand E = Ebony Black, F = stainless steel and P = Pearl White.

How will reading model numbers help you when refrigerator shopping?

When you understand how the codes work, then you can be better and more efficient at comparing prices. You will understand how to compare all of the numbers and letters to get a true comparison. It also makes you aware of the different features on some models, and it can help you to get the refrigerator that you want with all the features that you need.

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