VIDEO: Maclaren Quest Stroller Makes It Easy On Parents

VIDEO: Watch this demo of what an easy-folding stroller looks like with the “Maclaren Five Second Fold.”

Let’s talk about what a really good stroller looks like. It’s the kind of stroller that never gives up, is never a burden to use, and lasts longer than your child needs a ride. One of my personal favorites, the Maclaren Quest Stroller, fits just that description—and Viewpoints reviewers agree. The Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller (92/100) does not disappoint. It provides a safe and secure place for your little one without all of the hassle of a large and complicated stroller.

Maclaren Quest Stroller

Maclaren Quest Stroller

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What makes the Quest stand apart from other strollers? Maclaren clearly stands behind their products and offers an impressive warranty and a quality stroller. But what really sets these strollers apart are the safety features. Unlike a flimsy umbrella stroller, the Quest’s frame is made of quality, lightweight aluminum. Your baby can fully recline in the safety of a five-point harness that adjusts to the height of your child. I think being able to recline a sleeping toddler or preschooler is essential, and that’s just not possible in almost every other lightweight stroller. Even going so far as to include “reflective accents,” as they call them, you can be sure that when walking at night you won’t be invisible.

From “The award-winning Maclaren Quest is popular for its style, comfort, and security. The 5-point harness provides safety, and the cosy padded seat offers a 4-position seat with an extendable leg rest for extra comfort. Light, simple to fold, and sturdy enough to handle any busy family’s needs, the 6.4kg/14.1lb stroller steers and stores easily, and the raincover provides protection against the elements.” At 14.1lbs, this is extremely lightweight for a full-size stroller.

One of my personal recommendations to parents shopping for strollers is “try before you buy!” If you can’t fold and lift the stroller one-handed, keep looking. As a mom, I frequently have my hands full of gear/food/children/coffee, and I just can’t drop everything to fold a heavy and cumbersome stroller.

Parents are pleased with the ease of use of the Maclaren Quest Stroller, and I agree.

“There is nothing worse than trying to haul your child around a mall or the zoo all day with a cheap, difficult to use stroller. Maclaren makes a sturdy, high quality product and the wheels are structured so you hardly feel like you’re even pushing a stroller.” —angelaRFG, Reviewer since 2010

The most common complaint with the Quest is the lack of cup holder. I think that says a lot about a product, if the biggest problem is that parents just want a place to stash their coffee on a leisurely stroll. But, Maclaren listened, and for $12, you can purchase a cup holder that attaches to the stroller’s aluminum frame.

“Maclaren makes a sturdy stroller and this model is no exception. Handles nicely on surfaces like sidewalks and shopping centers. It was amazing how many of these are being pushed around by parents at Disney” —JenniferF82, Reviewer since 2011

If you want a lightweight, convenient stroller that is versatile and has a focus on safety, take a Quest on a test drive and see for yourself!

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