Splurge On a New Refrigerator With GE Monogram Series

GE Monogram

Special features like temperature-controlled drawers are added perks of the GE Monogram Series Refrigerators.

GE has a newer high-end line of refrigerators called the GE Monogram series. This series is supposed to be the best in high quality and performance, as well as be more similar to European design styles.

GE Monogram Series Refrigerators

GE Monogram 30" Fully Integrated Glass-Door Refrigerator with Convertible Drawer

GE Monogram 30″ Fully Integrated Glass-Door Refrigerator with Convertible Drawer

The GE Monogram series refrigerators come in range of styles, including full-size refrigerators and freezers, compact refrigeration, fully integrated refrigerators, large capacity side-by-side refrigerators, built-in bottom-freezer refrigerators, free-standing refrigerators, under-counter refrigerators, and outdoor/indoor refrigerators.

These refrigerators are a little more durable than the average refrigerator and come with a few more perks. Some of these perks include halogen light columns, LED lighting, an advanced temperature management system with a multi-shelf air tower, a climate control drawer, a humidity-controlled vegetable drawer, a filter-change indicator light, a GE water filter, adjustable door bins, a dairy bin, adjustable deli drawer with full extension sides, drop-down shelves, adjustable spill-proof glass shelves, and gallon-size door bin. Some of these perks may be found in other models, but the GE Monogram series claims to have more of these perks.


One of the neatest aspects of these refrigerators is that many of the models do not look like refrigerators. They look like cabinet doors or pantry shelves, but when they open up they are more spacious than your typical refrigerator. I think that is a sharp way of designing your kitchen to give it a more “natural” look.


As you can expect, the prices on these models is much higher than the average price of a refrigerator. You are paying for the style and for the added perks and performance, as well as the convenience of having a refrigerator in different shapes to fit your kitchen. Typically the prices of these models range from $4,000-$12,000 so don’t fall over from sticker shock when you’re refrigerator shopping.

We don’t have a lot of Viewpoints reviews for the GE Monogram Series yet, but the few reviews have been positive.

“The GE Monogram side by side refrigerator is a well oiled machine. I really like having this refrigerator. A great aspect about this refrigerator is the stainless steel. My kitchen definitely looks more modern with this stainless steel refrigerator. The inside of the refrigerator is superb it has lots of space and a really awesome specification of the refrigerator is that it has a temperature gauge in the refrigerator. So it will tell me how cold the refrigerator is. The ice maker is really nice and crisp, the ice taste really good and not icky like most refrigerator machines. Another great thing is that there is a lot of room in the freezer and this is a must for me since I’m a single, student so I eat a lot of frozen food. Another cool option is that the refrigerator has this awesome cooler so if you put a soda that is normal temperature in a container it’ll chill in like 10 minutes. It’s a definite must in your kitchens if you like the heavy duty refrigerators.” —Lazylikeakoala, Reviewer since 2011

It seems like shoppers are enjoying these refrigerators if they have the money to spend on them. These are top-of-the-line refrigerators that are worth the money if you are looking for more style and a few extra perks.

If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator and decide to splurge on the GE Monogram Series, please come back and leave a review for one of these models:

GE Monogram 30″ Fully Integrated Wine Refrigerator

GE Monogram 30″ Fully Integrated Customizable Refrigerator

GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

GE Monogram Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

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