Best Multivitamins: Chews vs. Pills

chews vs. pills

Chews vs. Pills: Taking a daily multivitamin doesn’t have to be a chore with colorful and flavorful gummy vitamins.

Lots of people take multivitamins daily to supplement their daily intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. While this isn’t a new habit, there is one big difference in buying vitamins today than 20 years ago. Vitamins come in several different forms now, and you have a choice in how you want to take your vitamin. These days your vitamin choice may come down to Chews vs. Pills. There are some pros and cons to both pills and chews that we will take a look at.

You may have purchased chewy vitamins in the form of “gummies” for your children before. Did you know that you can also purchase gummy vitamins for yourself in adult dosages? Gummy vitamins are on the market for adults now, as well as children.

Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins

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Products like the Vitafusion Multivites Gummy Vitamins are incredibly popular, earning a Viewpoints score of 90/100.

This newer trend of gummy vitamins has become a popular choice for many adults and has made taking a vitamin no-hassle daily chore for kids. Gummy vitamins and chewable vitamins come in a variety of flavors including assorted fruit flavors, mint, milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavors. No wonder some kids will be asking to take their vitamins!

The big question you may have when changing over to a gummy or chewable vitamin is, “Will a gummy or chewable vitamin be as effective as a vitamin you swallow in pill or tablet form?” The answer is “yes.” In most cases, the vitamins contain the same amount of vitamins and/or minerals. As long as you take your vitamin with a meal, they will be absorbed slowly and properly. Taking vitamins on an empty stomach can cause the vitamins to be absorbed too quickly and thus, also be excreted by your body. They can also cause stomach upset and/or nausea.

Let’s break this down into pros and cons of switching to gummies or chewables, and then you can decide which choice is better for you and your family.

Pros of Taking Chews vs. Pills

  • Taste: Chewables and gummy vitamins come in all kinds of great flavors, including fruit, mint and even chocolate.
  • Easier to Take: Gummy vitamins and chewables are easier to take, especially for those that have trouble swallowing pills and tablets, or need a little extra incentive for taking a daily vitamin. You won’t have to worry about a gummy vitamin or chewable getting stuck in your throat unless you accidentally swallow it whole.
  • Some chewables and gummy vitamins are better absorbed by the body because they have different levels of potency, as do capsules.

Cons of Taking Chews vs. Pills

  • Cost: Gummy vitamins and chewables can be more expensive than vitamins in a pill form.
  • Gummy vitamins and chewables may contain sugar, trans fat, corn syrup and also calories.
  • If absorbed too quickly, they can be excreted quickly and do the body no good at all. This is also true for any form of vitamins.
  • Cannot get different forms of some vitamins such as the “B” and “D” vitamins like you can in a pill formula.
  • Because of the great taste, children may view them as candy. Please store in an area that is out of reach of small children.

There is really no harmful reason why you couldn’t or shouldn’t switch over to giving your family gummy vitamins or chewable vitamins. Sometimes getting kids to take a vitamin every day can be a challenge, and a cute little gummy vitamin that tastes good may be the answer to this problem. You may want to try the Disney Princess and Disney Cars Multivitamin Gummies for your little ones.

If you are an adult and have a hard time in taking pills that are large or hard to swallow, check out some of our reviews on adult gummy vitamins such as Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins (90/100).

I admit that even I have taken adult gummy vitamins and loved them. Give them a try. You have nothing but flavor to gain!

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  • Antoine Baldwin

    Just to note the article states: “Cannot get different forms of some vitamins such as the “B” and “D”. But there is a picture of 200% Vitamin D Gummies posted above

    • Anonne

      There are different kinds of vitamins B and D, but not all of them may be able to be put into gummies.

    • Kc

      Theres B12,6 and others i believe thats what she meant

  • darlyn63

    Thanks for this article, I use to think ‘huh!’ on the chewable kinds. Seems like a well choice, for those who have a hard time swallowing a pill form. I still prefer the pill ones for me. You are right on kids not wanting to take them, it can be a challenge. Where was a product like this 30 years go?

    • Karen Gros

      I would have *loved* these vitamins as a kid. Heck, I love them now!