Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint

Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint

The Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint debate exists amongst consumers. One brand offers superior quality, the other offers superior value. Read more to see which brand Viewpoints users consider the best.

Picking a paint brand can be very difficult for a consumer who is unfamiliar with the various strengths and weakness that certain brands have versus one another. A popular debate that occurs for many homeowners is the Benjamin Moore vs. Behr paint dilemma. Both are considered favorites in their respective ends of the paint market – with Behr being the top value pick and Benjamin Moore being the top quality pick. The difficult thing is deciding which paint is best for your needs. Here are the deciding factors:

Paint Quality

Behr Interior Paint

Behr Interior Paint

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As we discussed in Benjamin Moore: Really Expensive, Really Nice, Benjamin Moore has a reputation for providing extremely high-quality paint. However, Behr products are not far off in terms of user satisfaction. Benjamin Moore paint is only marginally better than Behr; its rich colors and thickness are what allow it to stand out amongst the sea of competitors. Viewpoints users rave about how impressive Benjamin Moore is, although Behr is still considered a quality paint, just not quite as luxurious. Read more about Behr quality in Behr Paint: Consumer Reports, Viewpoints Agree It Is A Top Choice.


The price difference between Benjamin Moore and Behr Paint is staggering. Depending on your budget and number of gallons needed for a given job, this could prove to be the deciding factor in your purchase decision. At around $50 per gallon, Benjamin Moore paint costs almost twice as much as Behr, which sells for around $30 per gallon. When considering jobs that require many gallons of paint, this per gallon cost difference shows the value of Behr paint.


Viewpoints users think highly of both paint brands, and it is difficult to find many complaints against either. For Behr, its quality and value stands out versus other more expensive brands. No one doubts the quality of Benjamin Moore, although some do question whether or not the paint is worth the additional cost.

Benjamin Moore vs. Behr Paint: The Verdict

On Viewpoints, Behr Paint received a ranking of 96/100, whereas Benjamin Moore only received a score of 87/100. If price is no option and you need a premium paint, Benjamin Moore is for you. It is of the highest quality and its rich colors last long due to the paint’s durability. Otherwise, if you are looking for a really good product but don’t like the idea of spending $50 a gallon on paint, Behr is a great paint with an even better value at $30 a gallon.

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