Drugstore.com: Eliminate the Wait When Stocking Up On Necessities and Prescriptions

Drugstore.com: Eliminate the Wait When Stocking Up On Necessities and Prescriptions

You can purchase your prescriptions and contacts all in one place with Drugstore.com, but that isn’t all they offer.

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Drugstore.com is exactly what it sounds like: an online drugstore that lets you shop for the usual drugstore purchases—diapers, cards, soda, lotion, makeup—as well as fill prescriptions, order contacts and develop pictures. With a Viewpoints score of 82/100 based on 22 reviews, Drugstore.com’s incentives like cash back, free shipping and convenience keeps its customers coming back.

What does Drugstore.com offer?

Like a traditional drugstore, Drugstore.com sells items from several different categories including household and pets, personal care, beauty and vitamins. Free shipping is available for these products on orders over $35. You can also fill prescriptions, order contact lenses and print photos through this online drugstore. These three services are not eligible for free shipping.

Drugstore.com has an entire section of its site devoted to coupons and sales. Within this section you can choose what you wish to look at: everything that is on sale, just the instant coupons, what is on clearance, or volume discounts. The coupons on the site are easy to use. Just click on the offer you are interested in and it will take you to a product page where you can add the item to your cart, the discount already applied.

Drugstore.com: Eliminate the Wait When Stocking Up On Necessities and Prescriptions

Drugstore.com makes shopping for regular items easier with ‘my list’, which saves all your previously purchased items for easy access.

Each item you order from Drugstore.com is added to your ‘list’, which is directly attached to your account. This makes it easier to select items you wish to reorder because you do not have to search Drugstore.com to find them again. Drugstore.com will also send you email notifications if an item on your list is on sale, or suggest similar items if one of the products on your list has been discontinued

Drugstore.com has a rewards system in place as well. With every purchase you make, you earn a 5 percent credit. This credit accumulates over the course of a calendar quarter. At the end of the three months you can apply the credit you’ve built toward your next order, but you have to place that order within a month after the quarter ends, or the points will disappear.

Drugstore.com: Convenience is everything

Drugstore.com: Eliminate the Wait When Stocking Up On Necessities and Prescriptions

Reviewers say Drugstore.com carries items and brands their corner drug store does not.

With a CVS or a Walgreens on every corner, you can easily walk into a drugstore, grab the item you are looking for and check out. But with Drugstore.com, you get the ease and convenience of having your items delivered right to your door so you don’t have to worry about finding the time to go to the store. You also can find products no longer carried in your area.

“Drugstore.com has almost completely replaced my in store health and beauty supplies shopping. There are several beauty items that I was no longer able to find in the store or would have to go to different stores to find the specific items I was looking for. When I first checked out drugstore.com I was thrilled to find that they carried EVERY item I couldn’t reliably find in the stores anymore.” ssmithxs, Reviewer since 2008

“When my roommates and I need to stock up on things like toilet paper and paper towels, a trip to the grocery store becomes problematic when we have to carry everything home. With drugstore.com though, we can order online and receive our goods within the next few days. Shipping has always been really speedy, and I don’t believe I’ve ever waited longer than three days.” sarahmb129, Reviewer since 2007

“The prices and shipping confusions- not for me”

Not everyone has had a good experience with Drugstore.com. Some have had problems with shipping and communicating with customer support. And even reviewers who are happy with Drugstore.com commented on their higher prices.

Drugstore.com: Eliminate the Wait When Stocking Up On Necessities and Prescriptions

Some reviewers had bad customer service experiences, saying it was obvious the different departments did not communicate with each other.

“It took them 3 weeks to ship my order, and then shipped it 4 days after I had cancelled it in frustration, all the while answering my phone calls with statements to the effect that the CSRs could find no reason for the order not shipping…There seems to be no communication between their various departments.” gklimczak, Reviewer since 2007

“I tend to only buy items that I am not able to find at my local store as the prices on drugstore.com tend to be high, even when on sale. That said, they carry a wide range of products, many of which I have trouble finding elsewhere. The shipping can be a bit slow (but then again, sometimes it is fast). I have never had any problems with incorrect orders or items arriving damaged.” j9j, Reviewer since 2008

Bottom Line

Not all reviewers are happy with Drugstore.com’s services when it comes to shipping, but its large inventory and convenience keeps customers coming back. And with prescriptions and contacts delivered right to your door, it is not necessary to wait in line at a pharmacy again.

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