Best Natural All Purpose Cleaners

natural all purpose cleaner

Store-bought and homemade natural all purpose cleaners can help keep your home fresh and chemical free.

Over the years I’ve learned a lot about protecting my children from toxic chemicals that come from cleaning products. Slowly I’ve made the change to natural cleaning products, especially in a natural all purpose cleaner, which I use on a daily basis. Since natural cleaners can be a little more costly than name brand cleaning solutions, I always want to know in advance if it’s actually going to work.

Natural cleaning with products you already have

The ultimate natural cleaner comes straight from your baking cupboard. Baking soda is one of the most popular cleaning products since it is so versatile and works so well. When you want a multi-surface cleaner, baking soda can be diluted in either water or vinegar to spray on questionable surfaces.

Best of the Natural All Purpose Cleaners

Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner

Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner

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Representing the top brands in natural cleaners, both Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner (91/100) and Method Cucumber Multi-Surface Cleaner (89/100) come to the top as the best natural all-purpose cleaners on the shelves. Both are natural plant based cleaners that are produced in an eco-friendly manner.

Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner Comes in a free and clear formula and a sunflower and coconut formula. The 32-ounce spray bottles are available at Meijer, Target and Better Health for approximately $3-4 per bottle. Reviewers like how Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner works to clean and doesn’t leave a chemical residue behind.

“I mostly use this all purpose cleaner in the kitchen and it works just as well as the old cleaners I would use. I no longer cringe when I’ve just wiped off the surface and my kid drops their fruit on it and scoops it back up and eats it.” —kelly1017, Reviewer since 2011

Method Cucumber All-Purpose Cleaner

Method Cucumber All-Purpose Cleaner

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The Method Cucumber Multi-Surface Cleaner comes in a fun looking 28-ounce spray bottle, which is available at Target and other major retailers for approximately $3-4 per bottle. Method Cleaner leaves the surface clean and smells great. In addition to the cucumber scent, Method Multi-Surface Cleaner is available in clementine, French lavender, pink grapefruit and ginger yuzu. I personally enjoy the pink grapefruit scent as it is light and clean.

“I use this product to clean pretty much everything- the bathroom counter, the kitchen counter, my kitchen cupboards, the front of my fridge, my kids’ toys., Not only does it actually do a great job cleaning, but it leaves a simply amazing scent! No more harsh chemical smells from traditional cleaners!!” —sarahspendsless, Reviewer since 2010

Both of the these brands cost a little more than chemical-based multi-surface cleaners, but they are often available on special or with coupons making them more affordable. For a small increase in price you are getting the satisfaction that your household is free from toxic chemicals when you are using a natural cleaner. In addition, natural cleaners are typically made with eco-friendly practices, making them better for the environment all around.

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  • alida

    i just use baking soda and vinegar for most things!