Diapers.com Review: Skip the Hassle Of Diaper Shopping

Diapers.com Review

Diapers.com Review: Skip the hassle of trying to go shopping with kids in tow. Buy your baby needs at Diapers.com.

More people are taking advantage of the benefits of online shopping for everything from shoes to appliances and groceries, but parents stand to benefit more than others. Shopping for large and bulky items without small children in tow can make the whole process easier—not to mention safer! In this Diapers.com review, it looks like the site strives to keep parents from stressing out about basic purchases, and pays close attention to details like rewards points, affordable shipping and baby registries to entice new customers to make repeat visits to their site.

Perks of buying diapers online



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Diapers are a tricky purchase. The revolving door of sales and promotions with this product has created a wide range of cost per diaper. One grocery store could charge $5 more than its competitor for a box of diapers, and over time, it adds up! Diapers.com, rated 86/100 by Viewpoints reviewers, offers the best deals on name-brand disposable diapers, and many parents are brand loyal. If your baby’s delicate skin responds best to Huggies or Pampers, you are in luck. Coupon codes and the option to autoship make Diapers.com convenient and smart. For even bigger savings, its “Refer-a-Friend” program gives shoppers $5 for inviting their friends to shop Diapers.com too. Those credits add up, and can be redeemed for free boxes of diapers. I found deals on name-brand diapers on this website for about 12 cents/diaper—Impressive!

“I could fill a grocery cart just with diaper products for my three kids and then still had to manage that and the kiddos back through checkout and to the car. Not fun. Diapers.com at first was the best solution. Their prices are definitely comparable” —stacyanne324, Reviewer since 2010

If you’re like me, and are susceptible to impulse purchases on a quick trip to Target, websites like Diapers.com can keep you from adding unneeded items to your trip. Those impulse buys add up, and over time, you may have a problem on your hands.

Why Use Diapers.com?

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Quick shipping is a huge benefit, and with free two-day or faster shipping on orders over $35, many parents are singing their praises. Urban parents especially are reaping the benefits of online diaper shopping, since large boxes of diapers are nearly impossible to manage on a bus or subway (and are almost never available in city markets.) Large boxes of diapers save huge amounts of money over the course of a child’s babyhood.

“I have 19 month old twins who are allergic to all other kinds of diapers but Pampers. This can get rather expensive! I recently found this website and realized that they offer Pampers in bigger boxes, which makes it cheaper by buying in bulk. This is especially true for the bigger sizes. My son is in size 6, and Wal-Mart does not offer this size in a box at all, only a bag, which is not cost effective at all.” —childinhisimage, Reviewer since 2007

Free App!

Check out Diapers.com’s free app. It’s easy to use, and full of discount codes for the items you purchase the most.


Diapers.com boasts a registry feature, so that parents-to-be can select their baby item must haves without leaving the house. With items like breast pumps, strollers, cribs and car seats, generous friends and family can help out with some of the big purchases.

Overall, Diapers.com is a winning eCommerce website. However, with steep competition from Amazon Mom, I imagine that Diapers.com is working hard to preserve its customer base. Keep an eye out for more deals!

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