Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top-Rated Foam Under $400

Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top Rated Foam Under $400

Buying a foam or memory foam mattress doesn’t have to break the bank, just as long as you know where to shop.

Foam and memory foam mattresses make up some of the top-rated mattresses on Viewpoints, the average score being 78/100. A typical queen foam or memory foam mattress can cost more than an entire queen innerspring mattress set. It is possible to find a highly rated foam or memory foam mattress that does not empty your wallet, but first you need to know where to find them.

All mattresses are more affordable while on sale or during clearance events. Specialty mattresses, while more expensive on average, are available at affordable prices year around. If you find a great deal on a foam mattress, it’s usually only available in one store or exclusively online, but the savings could make the risk or extra trip worth it. Three of the foam and memory foam mattresses available in queen size for less than $400 have scored above 80/100 on Viewpoints, indicating price is not always directly related to quality.

Where to find cheap foam and memory foam mattresses

Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top Rated Foam Under $400

Some specialty and discount mattresses are available at store locations, while others are only found online.

Specialty and discount stores and websites do sell foam and memory foam mattresses for under or just over $400. A few of the most popular options are:

  1. Bob’s Discount Furniture
  2. IKEA
  4. Restava

Bob’s and IKEA both have store locations, so you would be able to go and try out a mattress at the nearest one. However, Overstock and Restava are online only. It can be nerve racking to buy a mattress online without even trying it first, but both businesses have trial periods and return policies, simplifying the process if you aren’t happy with what you get. Reading product descriptions and reviews can also help to determine if the mattress you are looking at is worth taking the risk.

Cheap mattresses: the IKEA Sultan Florvag Foam Mattress

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The IKEA Sultan Florvag Foam Mattress is available for $179 for a queen. With a Viewpoints score of 85/100, it is both an above average mattress and one of the most affordable. Many reviewers who enjoyed this mattress claim it is comfortable and alleviates back pain.

Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top Rated Foam Under $400

The IKEA Sultan Florvag Foam Mattress can only be found at IKEA store locations, but is highly rated by reviewers

“Our previous mattress was a pillow top that did not hold up to its lifetime like it was supposed to… We went to IKEA and purchased their Sultan firm foam mattress. The price was awesome and it felt great in the store… [My husband and I] both have been sleeping so much better and the best part is that my husband’s back no longer hurts.” stopfamily4, Reviewer since 2010

“I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud. It comes with a cover over the foam that zips all the way around, and it is machine washable which is the nicest feature making it very easy to keep clean.” kstalna, Reviewer since 2010

Some thought the Sultan Florvag was uncomfortable, though, finding it to too thin and firm.

“The Sultan Florvag is very thin – less than 4 inches. Sitting on it, you can feel the foundation underneath. It’s also very firm. I found it very uncomfortable.” tamsey, Reviewer since 2013

Cheap mattresses: the Restava Monaco Memory Foam Mattress

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The Restava Monaco Memory Foam Mattress is only available on its website, but with a Viewpoints score of 97/100 based on seven reviews, it is one of the highest-rated mattresses on Viewpoints.

“[My husband and I] really liked the Tempurpedic bed. It felt so good to both of us; however, we felt the price was above our budget. So, I came home and looked on the internet for comparable beds and thank goodness, found restava. Our sleep has been undisturbed, and we feel great in the morning when we arise.” shoppingmanzo, Reviewer since 2010

Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top Rated Foam Under $400

The Restava Monaco might only be sold online, but reviewers thought it was worth the risk.

“I have suffered lower back pain for several years, and our old mattress was shot so we were interested in purchasing memory foam due to it’s great support. We received our mattress on time as promised. I have used it and just love the support, no pressure points at all. I have noticed my husband and I do not toss and turn near as much and none of our limbs are falling asleep.” oldtimers, Reviewer since 2010

The Restava Monaco is available for only $379 for a queen, so with the combination of the price and the high ratings, it might be worth the risk of not being able to try it before you pay for it. Restava also offers a 120-day trial and free return policy if you are not happy with your mattress.

Cheap mattresses: the IKEA Sultan Fonnes Foam Mattress

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The IKEA Sultan Fonnes Foam Mattress has a Viewpoints score of 99/100 and is available for just $249 for a queen. Though this rating is only based on three reviews, they are all in agreement the Sultan Fonnes is comfortable and provides good support.

Cheap Mattresses: Where To Find Top Rated Foam Under $400

The IKEA Sultan Fonnes only has three reviews, but they were all positive when it comes to this mattress.

“I found [the Sultan Fonnes] to be supportive but also “gives” enough under hips for comfortable side sleeping. (My previous mattress was too firm and forced my spine out of alignment while on my side.) I was surprised that I couldn’t feel through the mattress, even when it was on top of a traditional box spring.” xyziz, Reviewer since 2010

“The ikea sultan fonnes foam mattress gives the best support and is very reasonably priced at $250. It also fits in the car if you are moving.” silpak21, Reviewer since 2010

Bottom line

When searching for cheap foam and memory foam mattresses it is important to keep in mind how the price is related to the quality of the mattress. Even though these three mattresses were priced low and highly rated, it does not mean all of the mattresses at IKEA, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Overstock, Restava, or a different discount or specialty store will be as well. But, with some research, you can find even more mattresses that hold up just as well as these three and are available at an affordable price.

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