Cheap Mattresses: How To Find High Quality For Low Prices

Cheap Mattresses: How to Find High Quality For Low Prices

Buying a mattress costs money, but it is possible to find a high-quality mattress that won’t empty your wallet.

Buying a new mattress set can be expensive. A high-quality queen innerspring mattress and box-spring set can cost upwards of $1,000. But, there are more affordable and good-quality innerspring mattress options out there. If you are looking to replace a queen mattress set for under $400, there are stores that will give you better prices than others.

The two top-rated innerspring mattress sets on Viewpoints that will cost you less than $400 are the Sealy Traditional Mattress and the Serta Sertapedic. These are not cheap mattress sets at every mattress store, but there are two locations where they are currently more affordable: Sears and Macy’s.

How to find a cheap mattress

It is easier to find mattresses under $400 than mattress sets, because the typical box spring adds $150-$250 to the price of the mattress. Taking the cheaper route is appealing, but chiropractors do recommend that you buy them as a set. And you can find a good mattress set for under $400. It is all about both where and when you look.

How To Find a Cheap Mattress

It’s easier to find great deals on high-quality mattresses during mattress sales, or during clearance events.

  • Discount mattress stores: These stores will sell high-quality mattresses at lower prices. Lines from brands like Sealy and Serta will be sold at discount mattress stores, but often times it will be under different names than they are at retail stores. These name changes can usually be found online, so search before you go shopping so you’re prepared.
  • Mattress sales: All mattress and retail stores have sales throughout the year. Looking for a mattress during these sales will save you more money than if you shop at other times of the year.
  • Clearance: Stores will often try to get rid of all unsold mattresses that are soon to be replaced by new lines. When these mattresses are put on clearance, they will be priced even lower than the sale price. If you wait to shop at these times, you run the risk of your mattress choice being sold out, but you can also save even more money.
  • Mattress Firmness: For many mattress brands, prices will depend on firmness. Typically, the thicker the pillow top the more expensive the mattress. Also, it depends on what the pillow top is made from. A memory foam pillow-top mattress will be more expensive than a quilted one.

Sears and Macy’s are not always the cheapest options for buying mattress sets. However, for these top-rated Viewpoints mattresses we found they were the cheapest shopping options. Both Serta and Sealy make special, cheaper versions of the same mattress to be sold exclusively at Sears, and Macy’s is currently having a mattress sale.

Cheap mattresses: Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress

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With a score of 85/100 based on 41 reviews, the Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress is one of the more highly rated mattresses on Viewpoints. Right now at Macy’s, a queen Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress set is $398, with a similar price at Sears of $399 for a queen set. But, at Bedding Expert, the same mattress set costs $559. It comes in both firm and plush options, and receives praise for alleviating back pain and durability.

“My husband and I both have back problems and like a firm mattress, and this mattress by Sealy helped us wake up without our backs hurting.” jagepg, Reviewer since 2009

“I have bought 4 Sealy Firm Mattresses for [my] house and I have never been more impressed of not only the firmness but how it stays firm years later… Our beds are going on a strong 10 years and still holding true.” pafm1964, Reviewer since 2011

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Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress

As with all mattresses, not everyone was satisfied. Some people found the Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress to sink after only a couple years and to be too firm.

“I had the mattress for less than 3 years and it started sinking in the middle. I routinely flipped the mattress – vertically since the one I had was one-sided padding. I am a petite female and used the bed by myself so was flabbergasted that this would even happen.” jenkay81, Reviewer since 2010

“The mattress is firm. Very firm. The Sealy Firm Mattress is a brick wall! I feel like I’m laying on a brick wall with pillows on it. It’s too hard and it hurts by back.” TopHatTerror, Reviewer since 2010

Cheap mattresses: Serta Sertapedic Mattress

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The Serta Sertapedic Mattress is priced similarly to the Sealy Brand Traditional Mattress, starting at $374 for a queen set at Sears, and on sale for $398 for a queen set at Macy’s. However, at American Mattress, the price jumps to $529 for a queen set. With a Viewpoints score of 86/100 based on seven reviews, this mattress seems to be good quality for a great price. According to reviews, it helps alleviate back pain, and is the perfect balance between firm and plush.

“We purchased this mattress after sleeping on an old coil mattress. What an amazing decision. No longer does my back ache in the morning when I wake up. Also, my husband gets up much earlier for work than I do. When he gets out of bed I cannot even feel him get out and I can remain asleep until I have to get up.” allsmiles0058, Reviewer since 2010

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Serta Sertapedic Mattress

“It is comfortable. Period. I feel like Goldie Locks when I sleep on other mattresses at hotels or friends’ and family’s [homes], because none of them feel quite like ours at home. They’re either too soft or too hard, not perfectly plush yet firm like ours.” wil03058, Reviewer since 2010

There were some complaints about this mattress, though. Some reviewers say that the mattress can handle the weight of a kid, but not an adult.

“I bought [this mattress] for my 16 yr old. It didn’t last at all. It is not sturdy enough for a teenager. With only a 1-year warranty on the mattress you might want to buy something more expensive for the warranty.” ksburh1969, Reviewer since 2010

The bottom line

No one can be sure how much longer these two mattresses will be available at such a low price. Even when they are no longer available if you pay attention to sales, or research discount stores, you will still be able to find an affordable and high-quality mattress

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