Benjamin Moore: Really Expensive, Really Nice

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Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most expensive paints on the market, but Viewpoints reviewers think it is worth the price because of its durability and rich colors.

With pricing around $50 or more per gallon, Benjamin Moore paint is one of the most expensive brands on the market. Competitors like Behr Paint and Sherwin Williams offer alternatives at lower prices ($30 and $40 per gallon respectively), although they don’t have the same reputation for providing extremely top-notch products.

Based on Benjamin Moore paint reviews on Viewpoints, it is clear that no one questions the quality of Benjamin Moore products. But when potential customers factor in the high price many wonder if it is worth the extra cost.

Benjamin Moore is one of the highest-rated paint brands on our site. Viewpoints reviewers tend to comment on the durability and rich colors that Benjamin Moore provides, and they’re all aware that they are paying a premium for quality paint.

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Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert opened a paint store in New York City in 1883. Today, the paint is still sold exclusively through Benjamin Moore stores.

You get what you pay for

Some of our users seem to be comfortable shelling out an additional $10-$20 per gallon for Benjamin Moore after seeing the final results. The ease of application, durability, and final color quality seems to make the additional cost worth it for some users.

“What a beautiful finish it provided in all of the rooms with only two coats of paint being used. I have gotten so many complements on our colors and it makes me feel good to know that even though I did spend a little more money on the product I certainly got what I paid for!! I highly recommend this product and will continue to use Benjamin Moore paint in the future.”
lms4ct, Reviewer since 2009

“Also, while it IS quite a bit more costly than some of the lesser-quality brands, this is one of those times that you truly get what you pay for. It goes on smoothly, with little to no dripping, and always dries true to color. The final result is an amazing paint job with minimal effort.”—whitehouseliving2, Reviewer since 2009

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“I have been painting with Benjamin Moore paint for years now – do not try another brand you will be so sorry – excellent durability and touch up quality – even though it costs more it is well worth the price. “
pattivet, Reviewer since 2011

Durability guaranteed

Unlike some other paints that may chip and wear down soon after being applied, Benjamin Moore is a paint that will last for years. Having great looking paint that can be cleaned easily and last for multiple years is what turns people into loyal Benjamin Moore customers. They want to paint a room once and have it look nice for several years.

“Well, after the remodel, we painted with Benjamin Moore paint and no mold or mildew has reappeared – and get this, it’s been two years! You know what paint I’ll always use!”
arh1947, Reviewer since 2009

“If you are going through all the work involved in prepping for a paint job you don’t want to skimp on paint. I can’t tell you how much more beautiful the finish and color will be and how much more durable and washable the surface will turn out. It costs a little more but is so, so worth it. Hope you give it a try on your next paint job”
molly3, Reviewer since 2008


When comparing Benjamin Moore to other top paint brands on Viewpoints, it becomes apparent that this is one of the highest quality paints on the market. People writing Benjamin Moore paint reviews often share how the paint exceeded their expectations and how it blew them away in overall durability. However, Benjamin Moore paint seems to only provide marginal increases in quality when compared to similar brands like Sherwin Williams, which are also easy to apply and longlasting. Unless you absolutely need the top-of-the-line paint, you can still find exceptional quality at a much lower price with other top paint brands.

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