Sherwin Williams Paint Reviews: High Quality But a Bit Pricey

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Sherwin Williams Paint is high quality, but it comes at a price. Read below to see what Viewpoints users are saying about Sherwin Williams.

Finding the right paint for a home renovation or household project is often difficult for consumers. When factoring in price, ease of use, and coverage, it’s tough to determine a winner among the popular paint brands like Sherwin Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore. Sherwin Williams has a reputation for providing high quality paint, although customers must pay more for it than other leading brands. On our site, the Sherwin Williams paint reviews scored an average rating of 82/100. Viewpoints reviewers seem to really care about three things when buying paint:

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1. How much will the paint cost per gallon?
2. How many coats of paint will they need?
3. How does the paint look on their wall?

This is how Viewpoints users view Sherwin Williams Interior and Exterior Paint in these areas:

Sherwin Williams Paint Reviews: Price

At around $40 per gallon, Sherwin Williams is more expensive than Behr Paint which sells for around $30 a gallon on average. However, many Sherwin Williams Paint reviews on Viewpoints consider the paint to be entirely worth the additional cost because of its high quality.

“These paints are a little pricey (but if you look around you can catch a coupon somewhere or another), but definitely worth it.  I’ve covered many walls with just one coat.”
Poemngirls, Reviewer since 2007

“At first I was more than a bit put off by the price — starting at $50 a gallon, it is pricey to say the least. That said, I took the plunge and bought a few gallons to try. I’ve never been more pleased with a paint. It goes on easily and smoothly, not to mention it smooths out wonderfully once applied” —NomadicLass, Reviewer since 2010

Sherwin Williams Paint Reviews: Application

Despite its higher cost, Sherwin Williams paint usually only requires one coat to provide full coverage. The Viewpoints community seems to enjoy the easy application, great coverage, and overall cost savings that they get when using Sherwin Williams paint.

“Because it covers so well, there is not always a need to do a second coat which ends up saving you time and money.” —Tennesseegirl, Reviewer since 2011

“I have tried using a variety of brands of paint and now I will not use anything other than Sherwin Williams paint!  I only have to put one coat on, compared to other brands which almost always need 2 or 3 coats.” —Smarks51599, Reviewer since 2011

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Sherwin Williams has been providing quality paints since 1866.

Sherwin Williams Paint Reviews: Summary

The extra cost incurred from Sherwin Williams paint is typically offset by the fact that you can buy half as much paint as is normally necessary. You’re paying more per gallon than other top brands, but you’re also only applying one coat of paint. Depending on the project you’re considering, this could save you time and money in the long run. And the quality is undoubtedly there.

“Sherwin Williams Interior and Exterior paints are worth the extra money. They cover well, last long, are scrubbable, and most of all can be matched to any color.”
mkirkbride, Reviewer since 2007

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