Best Stroller for Travel: Lightweight and Portable Better Than Cheap

best stroller for travel

The best stroller for travel is lightweight and easy to transport, but still has features like a shade and high-quality wheels.

Whether you’re traveling somewhere warm and sunny or taking your family on a cross-country adventure, parents are wondering about the best stroller for travel.

Be careful not to confuse strollers for travel with travel systems. A travel system is a set consisting of an infant car seat, a car seat base, and a stroller all sold together.

When choosing a stroller to take along on a vacation, it’s important to consider how you’ll be getting there and how much space you have for child-related items. For example, your full-size stroller will take up premium space during car travel, and an expensive stroller is risky to check during air travel. Your best bet is to find a compact, lightweight stroller that will meet your needs.

What to avoid

While there are many super cheap options for inexpensive strollers, will they meet your needs? Not likely. Cheap umbrella strollers are known for flimsy wheels (bad for lots of walking, like at theme parks or through airports) and very few, if any, features. Good strollers can really lend a hand when it comes to providing shade for kids’ sensitive skin, a secure place to nap even in a crowd, and relatively safe storage for baby necessities. Parent consoles can be really convenient for holding drinks, and while they’re often sold separately, it can be worth the small expense.

Consider Viewpoints reviews on the Kolcraft Umbrella Stroller (67/100). This stroller is something to avoid when travelling with your baby, as the wheels are known for locking up, and the brakes aren’t exactly reliable. Skip this stroller!

My pick: Best Stroller for Travel

Maclaren Volo

Maclaren Volo

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My pick for best stroller for travel is the Maclaren Volo (90/100). For around $100, this stroller provides a generous sunshade, a five-point safety harness, a basket and an optional cup holder. It weighs 8.8 lbs (less than most deluxe umbrella strollers!) and safely carries children from 6 months to the upper weight range of 55 lbs. The Volo will fold compactly in your trunk and is convenient for air or train travel as well.

“We were on a quest for a lightweight stroller for our big 3 year old for a recent trip to Disney. Anyone who has gone knows the nightmare of trying to fold up a huge stroller on the buses to the parks. Anyone who has gone also knows that even a three year old needs a stroller in Disney. This Maclaren is AWESOME! We had such an easy time this time in the parks, on the buses, the boats, and the plane. I would recommend it to anyone – especially a Disney goer” —MelNJ, Reviewer since 2007

It’s tempting to save as much money as possible and go with a basic stroller for travel, but with the options available it’s worth it to explore them and see what will work best for your family.

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