Kindle Paperwhite Update Coming Sept. 30


The new Kindle Paperwhite is even easier to read, says Amazon. This photo from Amazon’s website shows the difference in glare between an iPad and the new Paperwhite.

We’re excited to see the Kindle Paperwhite update on the Amazon site.

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Viewpoints has been a fan of the Kindle Paperwhite since the Viewpoints Blogger Reviews Panel got to test eight of them at once, then gathered to chat about it in a Google Hangout. The verdict on the first generation Kindle Paperwhite was unanimous. The ladies simply adored this eReader.
Easy to read on a sunny day, hundreds and hundreds of books, yet light enough to carry in your purse all day.  For all the bells and whistles in products today, sometimes less is more. We found out that a black-and-white screen has its advantages. The battery life is nothing short of amazing (days and days and days on a single charge). One of our bloggers, Kathy Zucker, even used it as a flashlight during Hurricane Sandy.

Kindle Paperwhite review

Our bloggers tested the original Kindle Paperwhite last fall and loved it.

 Kindle Paperwhite update

Amazon says this new Kindle Paperwhite has several advantages:

  • Better contrast 

  • 25% faster processing speed

  • New “Page Flip” feature to skim ahead without losing your place

Our blogging panel thought the built-in light in the original Kindle Paperwhite was nearly perfect. But Amazon claims this one is even better.

Available for holiday giving


The second-gen Kindle Paperwhite

The Paperwhite is available for pre-order now for $119 for Wi-Fi with ads and $139 without them. (Our test showed the ads to be slightly annoying, so you may find it worth the money to buy the ad-free version, especially if it’s a gift).  It ships on Sept. 30, in plenty of time for Hannukah, which is unusually early this year (Nov 27-Dec 5). The Paperwhite 3G + Wi-Fi version is available for $189 and will ship Nov. 5.

The bottom line

Kindle owners read more – to the tune of 4 times as much as the person without an ereader, says Amazon. So if you never seem to find the time to pick up – let alone finish – a book, this might be the perfect product to put at the top of your Christmas wish list.

At $119, Amazon has held the line on cost. We like that too.


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