Upgrade Your Kitchen With a French-Door Refrigerator

French-door refrigerator

A French-door refrigerator is energy efficient with more capacity than other refrigerators, making it the perfect upgrade for your kitchen.

Forget choosing between stainless steel or avocado green, when homeowners are upgrading their kitchens today they’re looking for the latest French-door refrigerator. The latest models of these French-door refrigerators have doors that open in the middle up top and a freezer drawer on the bottom. Some models have options for multiple freezer drawers, and the double doors on top allow for greater flexibility and storage capacity. What else do homeowners love about their French-door refrigerators?

Energy Efficiency

New cooling technology helps make French-door refrigerators more energy efficient. When the temperature and humidity change as you open your fridge this will generally cost you more money as the fridge works harder to keep the temperature/humidity steady. If you only open half of the fridge with one French door, less energy is used. LG models in particular keep the temperature and humidity at the proper levels with a linear compressor and dual evaporator.


The biggest refrigerators on the market right now, mega-capacity refrigerators, are all in the French-door style. Not all French-door refrigerators are mega capacity, but all mega-capacity refrigerators are French-door. Mega-capacity refrigerators are great for efficiency and value in growing families.


The price tag on these refrigerators varies slightly by brand, but mostly by size. The smallest French-door refrigerators are around $1500, with the largest retailing for almost $4,000.

What do Viewpoints reviewers think about French-door refrigerators?

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One Viewpoints reviewer who has a KitchenAid Architect Series II French-door Refrigerator (99/100) commented about the design and the middle drawer feature.

“Loving the design. You can open just half to get out items that you use most often. The same with the freezer. Small top drawer enables you to put your favorite items right at your fingertips.” —Kimpetrof, Viewpoints reviewer since 2012

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Another Viewpoints reviewer loves the space in her Samsung French-Door Refrigerator (96/100) for their large family, but finds it hard to clean.

“I really like this fridge, especially the slide out freezer drawer. I wish I had a fridge that didn’t show every single fingerprint and I wish that there was more adjusting that I could do with the shelves for all of my tall items. But, there is a lot of room in this fridge and we are able to fit groceries in the fridge and freezer for our family of 8 easily.” —wannabelikemyjesus, Viewpoints reviewer since 2011

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However another reviewer thinks the design of her LG bottom freezer French-door refrigerator (96/100) makes it easy to clean.

“This refrigerator makes organizing and categorizing food so easy that you could do it with a snap! The other thing I like is that it is so roomy. No more days of trying to fit everything in that little freezer space above the fridge. You just open up the bottom drawer (easy to maneuver) and presto! So much more compartments and space. The clean up is a breeze. Since there is so much more space, you have less nooks and crannies to maneuver around. The shelves come out in without a hitch to remove and clean. The shelves on the door are wider also and more roomy. If you are a condiment connoisseur like me, then you will most likely love this.” —ElissaGaskins, Reviewer since 2011


French-door models across all brands have great space, efficiency, and design. It is no surprise that more and more brands are selling these models.

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