Battle of Big Brands: Samsung vs LG Refrigerator

samsung vs LG Refrigerator

Do you look at price, features, or at specific brands when you’re shopping for big appliances and refrigerators?

When you’re shopping for appliances, do you stick to certain brand names, or are you looking for specific features? Or are you just looking for the cheapest model? Viewpoints reviewers are always looking for a great deal, and the biggest name is not always going to be the best. Samsung and LG are well-known refrigerator brands, but there are pros and cons to each brand.

Samsung vs LG Refrigerator

Samsung French-door fridges receive high praise

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Viewpoints reviewers have scored many Samsung French-door Refrigerators extremely high. The Samsung French-door RF26XAEWP and RFG298AAPN were both rated 100/100. They have been discontinued, but newer Samsung models RFG296HDRS and RFG237AARS were also rated highly with a score of 96/100.

“I love that there two doors. It adds not only to the look but also to the already large fridge. There is so much room and it does not look like it would be that big. When we bought this we were looking for an upgrade but we did not think that we were going to be getting such an amazing product. We got a deal on it wich made it that much better. We would [definitely] recommend this to everyone we know. People are always asking us were we got it and they too are amazed at the amount of space that it gives us without taking up our entire kitchen.” —kaitlynmarie, Reviewer since 2011

LG buyers love their bottom freezers

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Viewpoints reviewers have scored several LG refrigerators with values in the 90s out of 100. The top two models are bottom freezer refrigerators (models LFX31925ST and LFC23760ST) each with scores of 96/100. Two French-door refrigerators are rated slightly lower, but still well above the 79/100 average for refrigerators. The LFX31925SW model received a 94/100 rating, and the LFX25976ST model received an 89/100.

Viewpoints reviewers love the capacity of the French-door bottom freezer design, writer thewriteonecs summed up their experience with the Bottom Freezer Refrigerator by saying “I love my LG French Door Refrigerator. With wide double-doors and premium adjustable shelves, not only do I room for the leftover main course, but all the side dishes as well.” —thewriteonecs, Reviewer since 2007

Cost Comparison

Cost is often a deciding factor between different brands. But, depending on the model you are looking for and different store deals, Samsungs and LGs tend to be similar in price. If you’re looking at mega-capacity refrigerators Samsungs are slightly more expensive, but with French-door and bottom freezer refrigerators the brands are going to be priced about the same.

Complaints about Samsung

The most common complaint about Samsung appliances seems to be related to a few faulty models that weren’t cooling food properly. A class-action suit regarding this cooling issue was filed in 2010.

Several people have also complained about shelves breaking or the LCD screen not working. But freezer issues and poor customer service are the complaints that surfaced most often.

“Now we are stuck with a ice maker that doesn’t work worth a darn and no way to fix it. Samsung doesn’t respond when I email them.” —cielynne, Reviewer since 2009

Complaints about LG

There are many people that claim LGs to be troublesome, too. Common problems include the plastic drawers on the refrigerator breaking, the freezer handle breaking off, and the whole unit not working.

“This fridge is not worth the money – pretty but not functional. The fridge side is actually freezing our food. Have had to get the main board replaced 2 time in the 2 years we have owned the product. if you buy, make sure you spend a little extra for the extended warranty – you will probably need it.” —jsquared, Reviewer since 2010

Poor customer service is also an issue with LG as well. Many people complaining that their customer service wasn’t very nice or helpful and felt they were getting adding expenses from them as well.

Shop for Samsung

Overall, I think both are great brands, but Samsungs have the edge over LGs as they tend to rate a little higher and reviewers seem to think they’re a little less troublesome.

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