Reviews Don’t Stay in Vegas

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”... but that doesn’t include bad reviews. Those end up on Viewpoints.

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”… but that doesn’t include bad reviews. Those end up on Viewpoints. Reviews has received numerous negative reviews from Viewpoints users, with complaints ranging from over-priced tickets, extremely high service charges, poor customer service, and most alarmingly, false promises for show and airfare tickets.

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Although some Viewpoints users do report smooth transactions with, it’s tough to ignore the reviews with titles like “Beware of Website”, “ CAUTION! READ THIS BEFORE BOOKING!” and “Don’t Be Deceived.” With an overall ranking of 62/100, you should use caution when dealing with Here’s what our reviews are saying:

“The scamsters,, ripped us off our hard earned money by misinformation. I would totally not recommend using this site if you want to have a good, honest vacation.”
CanCam, Reviewer since 2011

“I paid the premium price for a premium section and got horrible seats. There is no refund and they don’t tell you where the seats are until you pick them up. Buyer beware with this outfit. Go to the venue and don’t use these guys to buy tickets, they are worthless.”
CthingsIlike, Reviewer since 2011

“What a joke! I will never use again and do not recommend anyone else using it. They wouldn’t help me change my flight unless I paid an extra $2000 then suggested that I just buy another ticket through the airline which I did. Come to find out when I didn’t use my original ticket they cancelled my flight back home so I then I had to buy another ticket just to get back home. That was another $1100!!”
ChasC, Reviewer since 2012

You should avoid using to book show tickets and hotel rooms for a couple of reasons. Granted, many Viewpoints users have reported great experiences with; however, a large number of reviews on our site are all warning about a few of the same things:

  1. Ticket prices and service charges higher than other travel websites
  2. No guarantee for tickets or ticket quality
  3. Customer service that ranges from good to really bad

Follow the advice that appears most in the reviews on our site:

LisaLi, Reviewer since 2013

“Word of advice: Book directly with the hotel or use well known travel sites like Expedia”
AKM1, Reviewer since 2012