Review: The Honest Company Baby Wipes

The Honest Company wipes

The Honest Company Wipes are soft and strong — worth a buy, according to our reviewer.

Product: The Honest Company Baby Wipes

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Price: $4.95 for 70 wipes

Best For: Natural baby care

Baby wipes are an essential baby item regardless of how old your babies get. My children are now preschool age and older and we still need baby wipes for those messy faces and hands. After three children, I thought I had used almost every brand and type of wipes until I was given a package of Honest Baby Wipes from The Honest Company. I was slightly skeptical of whether I would like them and if they would work as I’ve become picky about what kind of baby wipe I prefer (thick and strong). So far I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the strength and cleaning ability of the Honest Baby Wipes.

The Honest Company has created a line of natural baby products that are more affordable to the everyday parent. The Honest Baby Wipes are made with natural, compostable material and natural ingredients. Each set of baby wipes comes in a travel pack with a resealable flap. After a few uses the flap starts to loose the stickiness, but I was able to press it down enough to get it to stay put. The package fits nicely in a diaper bag or the seat pocket so we always have it with us.


  • Natural fibers and ingredients
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Fragrance Free
  • Strong, yet soft, baby wipe
  • Very effective for cleaning big messes on little kids
  • Available at discounted prices with a diaper bundle or a monthly subscription


  • Price for individual package


The Honest Wipe itself is a medical-grade cloth. I was surprised at how soft it was as well as strong. I have little faces to wipe, and they did not complain a bit when using the Honest Baby Wipes. When pulling the wipes out of the package, they don’t tear at all and are tough enough to take what my kids dish out. For testing sake, I tried to rip the wipe by pulling on it and could not get it to budge.


The wipes are free of harsh chemicals such as alcohol, chlorine, parabens and more. For cleaning and soothing the baby wipe has a blend of botanicals including pomegranate (antioxidant), chamomile, cucumber (to soothe) and masterwort leaf (to moisturize). On top of being soft, the wipes held up to the dirt my kids dish out. I was also able to wipe off other surfaces, such as my daughter’s baby dolls. Dirt and goo, especially Dorito cheese, come off the skin easily without me having to scrub.


Since there are no harsh chemicals or artificial scents added to the Honest Baby Wipes, there really is no scent to them. I feel comfortable that between the softness and the lack of fragrance, the wipes would be perfect for little ones with sensitive skin.

While the Honest Baby Wipes are available as individual packages, it is most advantageous to purchase them with either a diaper bundle or product bundle. The diaper/wipe bundle makes the wipes practically free and delivered to your door on a monthly basis. Alone, I don’t think I would have purchased the Honest Baby Wipes based on price. Now that I have tried them though, I absolutely love them and would consider purchasing them again if I had other items to bundle with them. It’s too bad we are almost out of the stage that still needs baby wipes. If you have used the Honest Baby Wipes let us know what you think by writing a review on Viewpoints today.

Editor’s note: Viewpoints purchased The Honest Company products for the purposes of this review. 

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