Cat Treats For Tooth Care: Feline Greenies Treats

Cat treats for dental care

Open wide! Check out some cat treats that are great for feline tooth care.

Cats have no way to brush their teeth, but they have tartar and plaque just like people. Unfortunately, as Florida veterinarian Sara Pizano notes, “Cats tolerate getting their teeth brushed by their owners even less than they tolerate a bath!” But tooth care is a serious concern for pet owners.

Dr. Pizano elaborates, “Over time, tartar build up turns to plaque, which I compare to having cement adhered to your teeth and under your gums. It’s a plethora of bacteria too and causes periodontal disease, tooth loss and foul smelling breath. In private veterinary practice, almost every cat has some level of dental disease.” But fear not, because you may be surprised that some cat treats can help with tooth health.

Feline Greenies cat treats

Feline Greenies come in a variety of flavors.


Healthy cat treats

If you want to keep your cat’s teeth healthy you may want to try Feline Greenies Dental Treats, rated 84/100 and available for $3. Dr. Pizano says, “I love these cat treats because there is nothing easier than giving a cat something they like that will decrease tartar build up. By decreasing tartar, you are also decreasing the amount of bacteria in their mouths that cause bad breath.”

If you let that bacteria develop over years, it can cause serious health problems. And rather than

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trying to pin your feline friend in such a way that you can even attempt brushing their teeth, Greenies are a tasty cat treat that cats just gobble up.


Viewpoints loves Feline Greenies

These cat treats come in several flavors including salmon, beef and chicken. If you’re curious about the quality of ingredients check out the Greenies website. It provides the full ingredients list to all of their treats. Viewpoints reviewers say their pets just absolutely love Greenies cat treats.

“They are made of better quality ingredients than most cat treats. They also have a unique fish shape with an edge that is supposed to help clean cats teeth.” – SamanthaMaree, Reviewer since 2008

“Not only do they gobble them up but the snacks help to keep their teeth tartar free and their breath smelling better.” – PattyTherre, Reviewer since 2007

Downside of Feline Greenies

The most common complaint on Viewpoints about Feline Greenies is the price. At $3 for a 2.5-ounce bag they are not the cheapest cat treat. As a comparison Whiskas Temptations Treats for Cats, rated 94/100 on Viewpoints, are less than $2 for a 2-ounce bag. But if Greenies keep your cat’s teeth clean, that could save hundreds in veterinarian bills. Nonetheless, Viewpoints reviewers still complain frequently about the price of Greenies cat treats.

“They are not smelly and extremely satisfying to the cats, they beg for it. The only negative in my opinion is the price.” – Thinkertoo, Reviewer since 2009

“Your cats will go crazy for these treats, but you most likely won’t be crazy about the price.” – jerrykun, Reviewer since 2011


If your cat is struggling with bad breath, tartar control, or you’re just tired of going through boxes of Band-Aids after brushing your cat’s teeth, then check out Feline Greenies Dental Treats. Your cat will love them and your vet might be impressed with the tartar control. They are a little more expensive than other cat treats, but they are more than just a tasty cat treat. And if you’re a dog owner, Greenies also makes some delicious Canine Dental Treats that come in a variety of sizes and styles and are also very well-liked on Viewpoints.

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  • Michelle

    My cats hate greenies, they sniff them and then walk away, it doesn’t matter which flavor. Whiska temptations treats have a Dentabites treat available, also one for indoor cats, skin and coat, natural, etc.