Kingsdown Mattress Reviews: Not Worth The Money

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When it comes to the Kingsdown Pillow Top Mattress, reviewers only agree on one thing: this mattress is very expensive.

The top-rated Kingsdown mattress on Viewpoints is the Kingsdown Pillow Top mattress. Among the best mattresses on Viewpoints, this pillow top mattress has some quirks. Some Kingsdown mattress reviews report great support. Some Kingsdown mattress customers woke up sore. Want the bottom line on this pillow top mattress? We’ve got the top two things you need to know about this Kingsdown mattress.

kingsdown mattress reviews kingsdown mattress pillow top mattress

With a score of 75/100 based on 20 reviews, the Kingsdown Pillow Top Mattress has an about average Viewpoints score.

Mattress quality changes over time

Since many reviewers love or hate with their Kingsdown mattresses, it is difficult to come to a consensus about its quality. One thing many reviewers agree on is that, over time, the Kingsdown Pillow Top Mattress loses its shape. This change in support came as a shock to reviewers who spent about $3000 on their queen sized Kingsdown mattresses.

“During the first 6 months I thought it was incredibly comfortable. Two years into it, and my girlfriend and I are switching sides night after night basically trading on who gets a good night’s sleep. At this point though, neither of us does. I can now feel every spring in the bed. My girlfriend and I continue to wake up several times during the night with shoulder cramps, back aches, and numb appendages.” - NaujaOda, Reviewer since 2010

“I wanted this mattress for 6 years. My back, neck and arthritis problems got so bad. I thought it would help me so we took every last cent for this mattress. At first, I loved it but it had not helped any problems. After now a year and half every time I lay on my sides my shoulder will be hurting severely [after] laying in bed.” - LisaPriceSpainhour, Reviewer since 2011

“We purchased a king sized, Kingsdown pillow top mattress. When we first got it, the bed was very comfortable and we had hoped it would stay that way for a long time. While the bed is still reasonably comfortable, the pillow top has become flattened and our bed now has two rather significant gullies, where each of us usually sleeps.” - sifudonna, Reviewer since 2009

Super soft support

Whether reviewers love it or hate it, they agree that this mattress is very soft.

“After trying every mattress at the store, my husband and I decided on the Kingsdown Pillow top.  It was softer than we had thought we would like, but it was just amazing. I’ve been sleeping better than ever before and any time I sleep away from home, I’m disappointed and can’t wait to get back to my own bed!” - superbug81, Reviewer since 2010

“At first, I loved my mattress.  And I still do.  It is so incredibly soft and soothing.  It is like laying on a cloud.  As long as I sleep on my back or side.  Over the past year or so, if I sleep on my stomach, I end up with horrible back pain. It is certainly worth the expense, but I’ve found that over the years, a pillow-top mattress may not suit those of us with back troubles to begin with.” - shaunna1123, Reviewer since 2010

If you're going to splurge on a $3,000 mattress, go for one with better reviews.

If you’re going to splurge on a $3,000 mattress, go for one with better reviews.

Sweet dreams not guaranteed

The Kingsdown Pillow Top Mattress has very mixed reviews. Besides its hefty price tag, there’s not much Kingsdown bed owners agree upon. When it comes to a big investment like a bed, it’s better to stick to tried and true high-rated mattresses. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a supportive mattress, there are plenty of reliable (and less expensive) options. Try the mattresses made by the Original Mattress Factory or one of the highly-rated Sleep Number bed mattresses.

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  • Aaron

    I don’t know if anyone has ever owned a bed before, The majority of beds, and all pillow tops are made out of polyurethane foam, the thing about polyurethane foam is over its life it compresses 33% of its thickness, just as your fluffy couch you bought 5 years ago isn’t as fluffy now. The mattress market is trending to thicker more luxurious mattresses than 30 years ago. Most mattress warrantees allow for 2″ of foam compression. You can do the math yourself. If you have a 16″ mattress that consists of a 6″ core, being Inner spring or latex and 5″ of various densities of polyurethane foam on each side of the mattress that equals a total compression ratio of 1.65″ per side. Just remember when shopping for a mattress, the thicker the mattress the more polyurethane foam, the more polyurethane form the more compression.

  • Susan Lewis

    Paid $4000 for a Kingsdown mattress from “Snooze” 2 years ago. What a disaster and waste of money. Complained to “Snooze” after 1 year and as their name implies they snoozed on it accepting no responsibility at all. I noticed that both sides seemed slanted and I felt like I was rolling off the side. We had a inspector come out from Kingsdown who indicated that the bed was in fact lower on the sides of the bed. You could actually see the hump in the middle. Kingsdown replaced the mattress. We upgraded to a more expensive mattress at additional cost but alas “same result” after 1 year. The mattress is so uncomfortable sleeping on an air bed is like heaven. The hump in the middle is clearly visible without a human body on it!!! Kingsdown mattresses are clearly rubbish, “Snooze” is irresponsible marketing such rubbish and neither company deserves any patronage at all. “Thumbsdown to Kingsdown” and “Snooze is snoozing”>

  • Debi McBride

    Sound like my story is the same as everyone else here. We have the Kingsdown Fitzgerald. We have the same story – we both felt like we were sleeping in a hammock with a hump in the middle. Claim denied!! Super frustrating! Now our foundation has broken down so am starting a new claim. They need to actually lay on the bed to feel the depth instead of the silly string test. Buyer beware!!

  • Deborah S

    Bought a Kingsdown Haywood mattress about 2 years ago. King size.
    Very uncomfortable after a very short time. Sagging on the 2 sleep spots with a hump in the middle.
    Hate it. Ridiculously expensive even on sale. Definitely a mistake purchase. When we can we will buy the bowling ball bed again!

    • Deborah S

      Hayworth, not Haywood

  • Barry N Sandy Dolan-allan

    we have had ours four years and has already been replaced once. The replacement is worse then the original.Its sagging with a hump in the middle and it feels like in some spots the springs are starting to come through.I will never ever buy or recommend a kingsdown mattress

  • An Honourable Rotter

    Bought a very very expensive, King size, pillow-top mattress two years ago. My back is so sore every morning I can’t wait to get up and walk around. I thought it was just me… until I slept in a different bed and on the floor. No problems! There is a Warranty Code M on this mattress, which means 20 years warranty. I will make my inquiry, but after reading all these reviews, I am not confident Kingsdown will stand by the huge price tags they put on their products. I feel as if I threw away good money and would have been better off paying half that. Don’t think that if it costs a fortune it must be good. It’s not true. I’ve never regretted a purchase this much…

  • Lisa

    I bought a Kingstown in ’07 for $2500. It was great for about 6 months then overnight it was horrible. Called the place where I bought it, they replaced it. It lasted a year but by then the bed store was out of business. I called Kingstown and they wouldn’t do anything. I called an attorney, they wrote them a letter and long story short, I got a check for $2200. I highly recommend legal advice. It works.

    • Lisa

      It’s Kingsdown. Darn autocorrect

  • Steve55

    Purchased a kingsdown Vienna lux and what a piece of garbage it was after only 4 months . It sinks and forms a permanent depression. Now can’t sleep in this bed due to all the sinking. Wasted so much money . This bed will not stay firm folks, Mark my word on that .

  • stephanie

    DO NOT BUY A KINGSDOWN MATTRESS!! $4000 mattress was supposed to have a lifetime warranty. It has been 3 years and the mattress has completely broken down. They sent a company called Mattress Marshalls to “inspect” it. That was a joke. The so called inspector doesn’t even sit on the bed, nevermind lay down on it. He puts a string across to see if there is a 1 1/2 inch indent. The mattress is broken down inside, you can’t see it. Horrible mattress, h
    orrible customer service. They do not stand by their product.

  • Serf

    I’m writing this as I wait for the delivery of my new kingsdown Holly. This a warranty replacement that I’m waiting for. I have a had my kingsdown straus for almost 5yrs. The bed about 1yr ago started to form a body impression on the side I sleep. I delt with it for a year before I couldn’t deal with the horrible sleep any more. At first yes this bed was a dream to sleep on and after a few years that dream changed. The amazing part is how sleep country and kingsdown stand behind the 10yr warranty. I am getting the new version of my bed at no extra charge. This is 5yrs after buying this $3000 bed I am now getting a new $3000 kingsdown model replacement. I’m excited as I sit patiently waiting for my new bed and some great sleeps ahead.

  • Mark Ethier

    If it was me and I spent a ton of money on a mattress that failed after a few months.. Small claims court for sure.. F’em!

  • JJC

    Paid $2800 for their mattress that did not last one year. Within a couple of months it was full of dips, some of which were almost two inches deep, even though we rotated it frequently and only slept on it for perhaps four months since it caused both my wife and I to have severe back and hip pain. We filed a claim with their, so called, warranty committee along with a multitude of pictures and documentation which was promptly denied. Their main reason was that, in their opinion the sagging and dips weren’t more than 1 1/2 inches deep. Most of the pictures we submitted showed depressions of 2 inches, so it is apparent that their warranty is a sham and they don’t care about customer satisfaction. I just wish we would have read the product reviews before wasting $2800 on a shitty product. DON”T BUY A KINGSDOWN MATTRESS unless you can afford to have severe hip and back pain and money to piss away!

  • Sara

    I bought mine on Auguest 31st, 2013. It’s already sagging on both sides and has a ridge in the middle. Our backs hurt so bad, it’s terrible. I paid good money for mine (a queen size CHANEL mattress) and it’s terrible. I will fight to get a replacement! It’s supposed to be guaranteed for 10 years!

    • Dominic Poitevin

      We have the same matress and face the same issues. Did you get any success with the company?

      • Sara

        Unfortunately, I have not, seems it was not sagging enough for them (2 inches!). I gave up. But I will never buy a Kingsdown mattress again.

    • Judy Lewis Honeycutt

      Did you have success in a replacement or refund? I’m having same problem with two new mattresses. So can’t be the bed. We’ve barely slept on it since it’s for a second home. We had a Kingsdown for years and thought another KD would be the mattress to buy. It’s made different,30 years old. Sleeps great, but these new mattresses are different and it’s sagging just like everyone on this discussion is describing. What in the heck is KD thinking… I’ll give it to my attorney to handle for the principal to keep others from going through the same thing.

  • Laura Brothers

    What a disappointment. This mattress was so wonderful when we got it – firm on my husband’s side and soft on mine. We paid $2000 for it less than 5 years ago but sadly, now, it looks like 2 hammocks side by side: 3 big mountain ranges with 2 deep valleys (2″ deep!!) in between where our bodies are. You can actually see the sagging even when the bed is made with a thick down comforter. The mattress is within it’s warranty period but the company won’t honor it. Any mattress that has ANY stain – even the size of a pea – is void from the warranty. The folks at Kingsdown told me I should’ve had a waterproof mattress pad on it that guarantees no stains. That was their answer. And that this is the industry standard. So BEWARE! Not a company that stands behind their product in my opinion. No matter how comfortable it was to start with, for $2000, I expect it to last longer than 5 years.

  • Steve

    Love ours. 9 years. My brother and wife visited this weekend and said it was best sleep they’ve had. We did not get the highest priced, ours was around $800 then.

  • BA

    DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS! Obvious sagging, sent a rep out to look at it. Just got notice that the warranty was voided because it looked brown. Cop out excuse for their sorry merchandise


    Worse mattress and expensive to boot…I bought the pillow top from Sleepy’s…felt good first months or so…then the pillow developed lumps…with the stuffing gathering on one side. This mattress was the one with two different firmnesses on each side…so maybe that is why some like it while my back is screaming on mine. You cannot flip it over as the pillow side is the only option and rotating it leaves us with sleeping on different sides to use the 2 sided firmness option…not a good one…not practical and the mattress is BAD.

  • Suzi Dudley Schultz

    I absolutely love our mattress. Best investment ever. Bought it in 2006 and 9 years later, no issues with it. We have no outline of our bodies in the mattress. I just had my father’s friend visit and he said it was the most comfortable mattress he has ever slept on. He is British and lives in Mexico. He has visited many different countries and slept on many different mattresses. He said that he would take it home, if he could. We only turn it twice a year…we are forgetful! Still, we have no issues. We are average weight and height. I know regardless of what make of mattress available, those who carry more weight esp. in their bottom area and little ability to re-position, sink spots in mattress will happen. I spent $1,500.00 on this mattress/boxspring and I would purchase one again with no hesitation. Mattresses are very specific to each individual. That is the challenge. The mattress pillow top is soft but the under support is firm so I get the softness of the pillow top but support from the under structure of the mattress. I rate an 11 out of 10 but again, no issues with this particular purchase.

  • Shirley Swanepoel

    6 months. Hate it!

    • dmflash

      I hate mine too its like sleeping on a concrete block.It’s only 2 months old so I’m hoping it will soften up soon or I’m cutting my loss and purchasing a Serta.

  • mert

    Very disappointed in Kingsdown Mattress. As soon as we received the mattress I noticed a softness on my side. “third party” inspector failed the inspection. Not sure how pictures and a piece of string can show a problem in the mattress unless you sleep on it. Save your money.

  • Gennaro

    I too am having the same problems with my Kingsdown series 400 red/blue mattress. My mattress is 4 years old and has a terrible sag on one side which is causing me severe back and sciatic nerve pain. I know this is the mattress as I went on vacation for a week, no back pain! I contacted Sleepy’s about it and they sent me to mattress marshall. They in turn sent me a kit for me to do it myself to show the issues with the mattress. My claim was denied as they said the mattress did not have enough support. Not only is this my third mattress on this bed frame but the only one with this problem. I also went to the better business bureau. Once again Kingsdown says that the bed does not enough support that is why there is a sagging problem. Strange as only one side sags! I feel this is an inferior product. I could not wait any longer so I bought a new mattress. Not Kingsdown and not from Sleepy’s. Do yourself a favor DO NOT BUY ANY KINGSDOWN PRODUCT. BUYER BEWARE AS SLEEPY’S NOW HAS THEIR OWN LINE BEING MADE BY KINGSDOWN. I was duped. Learn from my mistake, a very costly one at that.

  • Nic

    Absolutely hate my $3500 Kingsdown mattress. Beautiful, like sleeping on a cloud, for a maximum of six months then pain and agony every morning. I’ve taken to sleeping on the floor! Had first one replaced then after next six months complained again but the inspector, paid by Kingsdown, said the mattress was doing what it was supposed to. They reconfigured it so it felt like I was laying on cement and alas six months later I can feel springs, sleep in a bumpy gully and constantly change sides and still wake up in extreme pain each morning.

    Went camping and slept on an air bed for a couple of days and it was first time pain free sleep for ages.


  • Christine

    Mine is sagging after 9 years with a 10yr. warranty and they won’t do anything.

  • Bunny

    Our Kingstown mattress is a disaster. This is the second one and we’ve slept on it less than 2 years and it is like sleeping in a hammock. The catch is we purchased the mattress from Thomasville and there was no way to detect that it was made by an inferior producer until we spent hours researching. Thomasville refuses to do anything to correct the problem. And of course after jumping through many many hoops with Kingsdown, they also refuse to assist. My advice is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING manufactured by Kingsdown or Thomasville.

  • Mike

    I have a Kingstown celestial. Had it for 4 years so far – my wife and I wake up in agony every night. It has formed indents under the padding, if I am in bed alone I have to roll uphill to get to the other side. It is destroying my back. Worst purchase I ever made. Avoid Kingsdown at all costs.

  • Ava

    I hate my Kingdown mattress!!! I paid over $2000…it is supposed to have a 20 year warranty (that’s a joke). Unfortunately mine “is not sagfing enough” from what I have been told after they sent someone out to measure for sagging. I wake up in pain everyday and toss and turn all night. Don’t botherpurchasing this brand you will definitely be disappointed with the mattress and custimer service.

  • Lee Johnson

    Worst mattress ever. Waste of a lot of money.

  • restless

    Kingsdown is by far the worst mattress that I have ever owned. At a price of over $4000 it was totally broken down within 2-3 years. If you like sleeping in a hole and waking in pain at that price, this mattress is for you. Warranty means nothing.

  • Daily Reader

    I purchased a Kingsdown mattress a couple of years ago because I like the squishy pillow top. After a year, the wood frame that it sits on started to squeak and got worse and worse. Finally Kingsdown replaced it (through my retailer). The retailer also provided a new metal stand to stabilize the frame so it looked good to go. One year later, and I’m going through the same process. It’s a huge hassle with getting an “evaluator” out to make sure it’s actually a problem, then for Kingdsdown to contact the retailer, etc. – it usually takes a month or two. I don’t think I’ll buy another mattress from Kingsdown.

  • hugomac

    We bought a kingsdown mattress. I noticed that one side seemed slanted and I felt like I was rolling off the side. We had a inspector come out from Kingsdown who indicated that the bed was in fact 1″ lower on one side of the bed. You can actually see the hump in the middle. We received a letter from Kingsdown that we were denied our warranty because the bed needed to be 1.5″ lower at a minimum to be covered by warranty. So much for standing behind their product. Thumbs down for Kingsdown.

  • Frederick A. Bianco

    Buyer Beware!

    I received a Kingsdown Kristen mattress/box spring in April
    of 2013 as a direct replacement with a $400 fee from the manufacturer for an
    original discontinued mattress/box spring from October of 2006.

    After only one year the Kristen REPLACEMENT mattress has already
    softened with bulges, lumps and sagging and feels much like sleeping on the
    side of a small hill.

    I religiously follow the Kingsdown recommendation from the Owner’s
    Manual and rotate the mattress every three months and even have to change sides
    of the bed every week or so to try to find a comfortable and firm side of the
    bed without all of the aforementioned.

    After many mornings of waking up with a stiff back, I made a
    warranty claim with inspection to no avail as it didn’t meet the company’s selective
    and self-serving criteria. Their response letter was filled with inaccuracies and
    merely quoted their standard minimum policy.

    After purchasing two “high end” beds from this company, I
    would NOT recommend investing $2000+ in any of their product lines!

    Frederick A. Bianco

    Hunt Valley, MD

  • jd

    As the owner of 4 Kingsdown mattresses, I have come to the realization that Kingsdown sucks. For the warranty, they tell you to get a replacment through the retailer where you bought it. But the retailer can only deliver the new mattress, and health laws usually prohibit their shippers from removing the old mattress. And Kingsdown requires the old mattress for “evaluation.” Thus, you need Kingsdown to deliver the replacement, which in my case they charge $210 for. Moreover, I had a $3700 mattress (the nicest one in their line at the time) with a 20-year warranty, and they are replacing with the now comparable mattress, which sells for $1600-1800 and has only a 15-year warranty. I guess that’s comparable to them – but it’s not to me, so I will not buy any more Kingsdown mattresses. Don’t take a chance with these guys – go with someone else.

    • KR

      wanted to a buy a Kingsdown, after reading thru the bad press better stay away. I have a Euro Top Serta which is sagging at the back point. Will keep on researching.

  • toot toot

    love love mine have had it two years & nothing has changed ;0)
    paid over $2000.00 I did turn it every other month in the very first few months like the manufacture tells you to do. I have only thumbs UP for my dream bed. plus love the warrenty – best around.

  • minnie19440

    I live my kingsdown mattress….. had it since 2006. suppose there are many different styles. paid $3000…