Cork Flooring Reviews: A Great Alternative

cork flooring reviews

Cork flooring reviews recommend this high-gloss hardwood alternative.

When it comes to cork flooring, homeowners love it or hate it. Cork flooring has an above average Viewpoints score of 77/100 based on 13 reviews. According to cork flooring reviews, there are four factors all homeowners should know. We’ve got the top pros and cons of this environmentally friendly flooring option.

Cork flooring review cork flooring

Cork flooring tiles come in a variety of natural wood and “raw cork” styles.

The Good

Eco-friendly comfort

Unlike hardwood floors, cork flooring doesn’t harm trees. Its supple quality also offers joint support.

“[Cork is] made from the outer layer of trees, it is softer than traditional wood, repels water, has significantly more warmth than hardwood, yet looks very similar. Our kids have already spilled and stuck play dough all over the floor and no problemo- everything comes right up!  It has so many advantages over wood– and it’s great for the environment too!” - Jolie, Reviewer since 2007

“Hard to describe until you stand on it for a long period and realize it just isn’t as hard on your joints. The tiles are made to mimic the look of hardwood, and the surface is as durable. It didn’t show dirt!! Not at all. My cork flooring lasted for a decade until we sold our home and got lots of use! And it’s environmentally friendly. Highly recommend it for someone looking for an eco-choice.” – CarolFK, Reviewer since 2012

Creates a warm feel

For less cost to the environment, cork flooring tiles can offer the luxurious look of expensive wood flooring.

“It lends warmth to the surroundings with its rich texture and interesting grain. It requires very little maintenance and is easy to clean. Cork flooring sets your house apart from the ordinary house. Once you see it in a room you will want it in your house.” - stinkfishpot, Reviewer since 2007

“This cork flooring is very nice in my home. I have kids and they are constantly spilling foods and drinks so this flooring was a good choice. It is water resistant and it is very comfortable to walk on too. It offers a tiny bit of padding if one of my kids fall on it. I like the look of the flooring because it offers an almost rustic feeling in my home where i installed it.” - dressup63, Reviewer since 2010

The Bad

Quality varies

Manufacturer quality is important with cork flooring. The negative cork flooring reviews on Viewpoints come mainly from customers who are disappointed with different cork flooring brands.

“Last summer I purchased cork for the majority of my home that I was refurbishing.  It looked great for about three days, then I noticed that it started to pucker around the edges.  We contacted the manufacturer. They came back and did an analysis.  Never did hear back from them. My advice — don’t buy cork, especially from US Floor.” - j4tonks, Reviewer since 2010

“While I like my cork flooring, I have found the APC Cork company to be very uncooperative and unfriendly to deal with. If I call or have a question about floor care, they become very defensive and aggressive. If you want long-term relationship with your supplier, I definitely do not recommend APC cork.” - crymeariver, Reviewer since 2011

Prefinished cork is bad news

One reviewer had a bad experience with prefinished cork not living up to tile cork standards.

“I worked in a place that used cork in a busy, commercial application.  It was gorgeous, resilient, and easy to maintain.  So I thought I’d replace our old kitchen floor with cork.  But I made a BIG mistake — I bought prefinished, floating panels instead of glue-down tiles. What a bad design! All the edges are curled and swelled.   Now the kitchen looks like it has old, nasty linoleum. Cork can be great, but ONLY if solid cork is glued down and finished in place. Oh, how I wish someone had warned me before I made this mistake!  Please don’t make the same.” - JimPCia, Reviewer since 2011

A great alternative that’s worth a try

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly and eye-catching alternative flooring option. When looking for cork, make sure you find a reputable manufacturer and retailer. Customers who have used APC Cork and US Floors weren’t happy with the customer service and installation they received. By choosing the right cork, the right company and the right installation, you’ll ensure that your cork flooring is a long-lasting home improvement project.

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