Sultan Florvag Mattress Reviews: Affordable Foam at $79


Ikea mattress review

The Sultan Florvag mattress is thin, but reviewers say it is more comfortable than much thicker memory foam and innerspring mattresses.

The Sultan Florvag from IKEA is a thin, roll-packed polyurethane foam mattress. Not only is it inexpensive, it is also one of the top-rated mattresses on Viewpoints. Despite its slim shape, it does not require a boxspring and can be laid flat on any bed foundation. Is the Sultan Florvag mattress too good to be true? According to Sultan Florvag reviews, this mattress lives up to its high Viewpoints score.

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Other mattresses on Viewpoints have an average rating of 75/100; the IKEA Sultan Florvag mattress is one of the best available. It is also one of the most affordable at only $179 for a queen size mattress.

Soothes sore backs

Some foam mattresses sag or lose their shape. The Sultan Florvag foam mattress stays firm and offers all over back support.

“This mattress is, like all IKEA items, very affordable. I bought it in a full size for my bed about a year ago, and it has held up very well. The foam doesn’t depress and it supports my back well. After unrolling it, it spruced up very nicely, and hasn’t lost its shape since then. I rotate and flip it once every few months, and there hasn’t been any noticeable wear in any particular spot.” —anoniimous, Reviewer since 2010

“We went to several places for a foam mattress but they are super expensive.  Then we went to IKEA and purchased their Sultan firm foam mattress.  The price was awesome and it felt great in the store.  We brought it home, unrolled it and slept on it the first night.  We both have been sleeping so much better and the best part is that my husband’s back no longer hurts” —stopfamily4, Reviewer since 2010

Just as comfortable as a thicker mattress

The Sultan Florvag takes a few days to puff up once unpacked. Once it regains its original shape, reviewers say it is as comfortable as thicker mattresses.

“I have owned my Ikea queen sized mattress for almost a year now, and I love it. It is about 4 – 5″ thick.   You would think that you were sleeping on a 17″ mattress.  I feel like I am sleeping on a cloud.” -kstalna, Reviewer since 2010

“ I originally bought my IKEA mattress for the guest bed upstairs, but quickly found it more comfortable than my three year old traditional boxspring and coiled mattress so I switched them out.  A year and a half later I have no complaints.” - dudleypippen, Reviewer since 2010

“I did think it was weird that it was in a bag at first, but it finally made sense when I cut open the bag and it expanded. It was better than my box-spring mattress. I sleep like a baby every night. You can add an additional topper if you want, but to be honest it’s good enough as it is for me. Bottomline, if you have a tight budget and you’re tired of your old mattress, go for this.” - christiannn, Reviewer since 2010

Sultan Florvag isn’t for everyone

While most reviewers enjoy the thin mattress, one reviewer found its slim shape to be a problem.

“The Sultan Florvag is very thin – less than 4 inches. Sitting on it, you can feel the foundation underneath. It’s also very firm. I found it very uncomfortable. And it did not improve over the next few sleepless nights. Making the bed is also not pleasant because of how thin the mattress is. The quality of construction and material appears to be good.” - tamsey, Reviewer since 2013

An affordable foam option

If you’re looking for a foam mattress, but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a more expensive memory foam bed, the Sultan Florvag from IKEA might be good option for you. It has a high comfort level, is supportive and offers the foam experience at a fraction of the price of other mattresses.

Editor’s note: The Ikea Sultan Flovag is a traditional foam mattress. We’ve updated this post which previously identified the Sultan Flovag as a memory foam product. Viewpoints regrets the error.

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  • Guest

    Bed, 5 stars. Wow. Because it was firm (but actually comfortable) I could sleep on it in any position! I hate memory foam! Lucky for me that’s the expensive stuff and not the other way around. I normally don’t do firm well but this was amazing. The only catch to the firmness was without using my pillow my neck would get stiff. But by using the pillow that was fixed. And I was shocked that my lower back felt great on this mattress at this firmness. I thought it would squish my butt and pinch my lower back. But it didn’t, it felt amazing instead!

  • Vicki

    The Florvag does not appear on Ikea to be memory foam — it is just foam. This may be an important consideration for some consumers. I love Ikea products and I have this mattress on my guest bed, but wouldn’t want someone to buy it thinking it is memory foam. The Fidjetun, Finnvik, and Flokenes are all memory foam, according to Ikea’s site.

    • Carol Fowler

      Hi Vicki – Thanks for flagging this important point. Updating the article to make this clear to those looking to buy a foam mattress. Ikea’s site specifies that it is polyurethane foam.

  • Amber Rambharose

    Some reviewers used a platform bed frame. Many of the bed frames that IKEA are platform styles and don’t require a box spring.

  • Gypsy

    What kind of foundation do current users have it on, if not on a boxspring?

    • djjmc .

      We use a wood box spring (no actual springs – just wooden slats)