TrimSpa Reviews 2013: X32 Formula Doesn’t Work

TrimSpa Reviews X32

TrimSpa X32 diet pills have been getting bad reviews for a while. When used as a stand alone diet supplement, the Viewpoints community considers them ineffective.

After not seeing the results they’d like from a diet or exercise routine alone, some people look for another option to help them get over their workout woes. But given the large number of products that promise to help people curb their snack cravings, its often difficult for consumers to navigate around the placebo products that dominate today’s market.

TrimSpa Reviews

Among today’s most popular dietary supplements is TrimSpa X32 ($29.95 per bottle plus $3.95 S&H), the self-proclaimed “#1 Weight Loss Pill in the U.S.” Although X32 isn’t the same TrimSpa formula that was popularized by Anna Nicole Smith in 2004, it still has the same reputation as a phony diet pill. Our reviewers haven’t missed a beat with the new formula, as they have given TrimSpa X32 an average rating of 45/100 on our site. Here’s why.

TrimSpa Reviews: Effectiveness

The most important factor to consider when deciding whether or not to use TrimSpa X32 is pretty obvious: its effectiveness. Our reviewers don’t speak highly of TrimSpa’s ability to cause weight loss and curb hungry feelings.

“I did exact[ly] what the product stated and did not lose an ounce.” —pookie61, Reviewer since 2011

“I got the jitters but not any real help with boosting metabolism or hunger control” —lhawk9701, Reviewer since 2011

TrimSpa claims that Hoodia Gordonii, its secret ingredient, has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous African tribes to stave off hunger during long hunting expeditions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be doing that as a standalone diet pill for our users. The majority claims to see no difference in weight after using the pills, although others claim that the product leads to weight loss when paired with some sort of exercise or diet.

TrimSpa Reviews X32

TrimSpa X32 comes in a 60 count bottle that sells for $29.95.

TrimSpa Reviews: Side Effects

TrimSpa X32 reviews on Viewpoints often mention one major side effect of the diet pill: it makes the user feel nervous and jittery.

“I was on it for about 2 1/2 weeks and then I couldn’t take it anymore, it felt like my heart was racing all of the time. I will not buy this ever again.” —life8282, Reviewer since 2008

“I think it was the ingredient Hoodia that made me nervous and edgy. At first I didn’t know why my personality had changed until I realized it was the product that did not agree with me. I couldn’t take it for more than 2 days. It made me me feel awful and anxiety ridden.” —JeanneC, Reviewer since 2007

The Verdict

Most TrimSpa reviews on Viewpoints share similar complaints against the diet pill, namely that users don’t lose weight when taking the pills, and they feel jittery while on them. With results like these, I’m not surprised that reviewers are quick to warn other buyers about TrimSpa X32.

“I paid the price in more ways than one. I learned my lesson: Do not buy any weight loss pills that celebrities are paid to endorse — it turns out being a hoax and a “too good to be true” outcome.” —Dahlietta, Reviewer since 2007

“Honestly, a person can do just as well just following a diet and exercising and using the money that would be spent on this to buy a gym membership.” —cindylaloca, Reviewer since 2010

“It seems like consumers should pass on TrimSpa X32 diet pills, and instead get back to what actually works. I stopped taking the pills and started exercising and eating right. This works a lot better than those pills did for me.” —legalbeagle, Reviewer since 2008

So use caution when considering whether or not to use TrimSpa X32. My gut feeling: stick to a healthy diet and workout for best results.

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