The Honest Company Reviews: Providing Quality Natural Baby Products

The Honest Company

The Honest Company is popular with parents for natural and reasonably priced baby products

More and more companies are producing natural and green products, but as with any trend, some are good and some not so good. I have several friends who purchase natural product on a regular basis and so I’ve had Facebook ads for The Honest Company run through my news feed. I’ve wondered about this particular company and whether it would be a good option for our economical family.

The Honest Beginnings

In a quest to find safe and healthy baby products that actually did what they were supposed to do, a dad, Christopher Gavigan (married to Jessica Capshaw from Grey’s Anatomy), and a mom, Jessica Alba (movie and television actress), came together to create a line of products to keep families healthy with a flare of style. As they welcomed little ones around the same time, Alba and Gavigan became frustrated with the lack of affordable choices in the natural products field and teamed up to form The Honest Company.

The Honest Free Guarantee

The Honest Company Shampoo

The Honest Company Shampoo

The Honest Company promises its customers to be just that, honest with them. Products are free from toxic chemicals using a broad definition of the word, thinking of potential impacts an ingredient might have even in the long-term. The Honest Company also believes in being honest about the ingredients they use—and don’t use. They won’t use false claims just to make a buck. And, to ensure the above claims, The Honest Company ensures it is on top of the latest research regarding potentially harmful chemicals.

In addition to healthy products, The Honest Company believes in a healthy business. The products are eco-friendly as is the administration and manufacturing portions of the business. The best practice sustainability policies are in place to reduce the business’s impact on the environment.

The Honest Products

The Honest Company diapers

The Honest Company Diapers

As a versatile natural products business, The Honest Company offers a full range of baby health and bath products, natural baby diapers and non-toxic household cleaners. When purchasing single items, pricing is comparable to its competitors such as California Baby and Dr. Bronners. A bundling subscription service makes the natural baby products more affordable if you’re buying them on a regular basis.

Like most businesses, The Honest Company grew out of a need. Parents like Jessica Alba search for baby and household products, which will lead to a healthier family and environment. This company appears to be customer and community oriented and has lofty goals to prove it.

I’ll be testing a wide range of products over the next month. Join me on the adventure to discover whether the Honest Company holds up to its claims as I review a bundle of the products. If you have used any Honest Products, tell Viewpoints your opinions. Write your review of your favorite Honest Company products.

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